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  1. I like some Bluegrass but this one is special! Go full screen and right near the middle a surprise.
  2. Good thing those boys have wheels Ron, cause they sure couldn't walk carrying cojones that BIG Awesome! Wayne
  3. Your avatar is darn nice!

  4. I remember the previous topic but it is interesting to see the different music. My world gets a tad cramped sometimes, typical old guy so you folks are opening it up for me again, thanks!
  5. Sorry i don't To be honest, i avoided any music that was connected, even if in name only with hard drugs. In the late 60's i lost a couple friends to LSD inspired acts of deadly consequence. I had never experimented with hard drugs as many did and that was sure the icing on the cake though so sad a thing. Perhaps not fair of me to paint all with the same brush, but i did.
  6. Very strong! Nice riffs, would have fit well in Apocalypse Now and that's a good thing B)
  7. Wow! What a great mix everyone! If the boss is in "that" kind of mood i'm going to sneak around like a mouse today Wayne
  8. This is on my playlist which runs the gamut from to Orbison, to the soundtrack from Dr Zhivago to Oak Ridge Boys, BeeGees to ol' Willy to CCR and not to forget The Platters but very few contemporary singers. Eclectic is a poor description of me but it's all i can think of politely also i'm really old as in ancient i'm told What about you?
  9. Thank you kindly for your help!

  10. With respect and curiosity, why would you dig up an 18 month old thread and make a statement like this? Things change and everything one reads on the web needs to be balanced by more than just one company's opinion before it is accepted by the general community of malware and virus fighters. There is also a large difference in the performance of anti virus/malware software on different or older/newer operating systems and user abilities. If you are still offended i will volunteer to wear sackcloth and put ashes on my head for a while, would that help?
  11. MBAM has never misplaced my trust. Such a good feeling now, having recommended it to many people over the past two years and all are happy. A great company with a fine set of ethics!
  12. i resemble that situation.........
  13. Then little Johnny said......... Teacher, now i know that the Stork brings babies and i also know which bird prevents them. Teacher says, oh really Johnny, which bird would that be? Johnny says....... A Swallow
  14. I am truly sorry that i did not get back to you after you took the time to try and help. I was called back for emergency surgery that morning and all thoughts of the issue left my mind and it was some time before i got back on track so i just plain forgot. I have not experienced the issue again. Out of character for me and my sincere apologies!
  15. A can of bug spray with a big M on it and dead demons laying around?
  16. Got a buncha mileage outta that one!
  17. Dear God. Please send clothes for all those poor ladys in Dad's computer. Amen
  18. but i will ask anyway. While on a gaming web page today ( Volvo Ocean Race Game) my browser suddenly redirected to Jokeroo. I had not clicked any link that i could see and after closing and doing a Mbam scan as well as Spybot. Nothing was found. I have visited Jokeroo in the past, several months ago and only once. I returned to the exact same game page and searched around but could not find any link that would have redirected me. Any ideas folks? Thanks!
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