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  1. I like some Bluegrass but this one is special! Go full screen and right near the middle a surprise.
  2. Good thing those boys have wheels Ron, cause they sure couldn't walk carrying cojones that BIG Awesome! Wayne
  3. Your avatar is darn nice!

  4. I remember the previous topic but it is interesting to see the different music. My world gets a tad cramped sometimes, typical old guy so you folks are opening it up for me again, thanks!
  5. Sorry i don't To be honest, i avoided any music that was connected, even if in name only with hard drugs. In the late 60's i lost a couple friends to LSD inspired acts of deadly consequence. I had never experimented with hard drugs as many did and that was sure the icing on the cake though so sad a thing. Perhaps not fair of me to paint all with the same brush, but i did.
  6. Very strong! Nice riffs, would have fit well in Apocalypse Now and that's a good thing B)
  7. Wow! What a great mix everyone! If the boss is in "that" kind of mood i'm going to sneak around like a mouse today Wayne
  8. This is on my playlist which runs the gamut from to Orbison, to the soundtrack from Dr Zhivago to Oak Ridge Boys, BeeGees to ol' Willy to CCR and not to forget The Platters but very few contemporary singers. Eclectic is a poor description of me but it's all i can think of politely also i'm really old as in ancient i'm told What about you?
  9. Thank you kindly for your help!

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