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  1. In answer to your question: I am using http://www.tinypic.com as a picture host. Now, Does this mean Malwarebytes.org is a dangerous site?
  2. How many sections do you see designed for "Hacking"? Now as you can see, they are cracking down on "infected links" Now, We also have a white hat section, to help people Plus,Didn't the Admin of HF Threaten to sue Malwarebytes?
  3. Yes, But all you need is a little bit of competence not to get infected on Hackforums. Lets speak hypertetical now. Say you owned a forum, Ok? Which didn't allow people to try and infect Your own members,Ok? Now a MEMBER joins, and he posts a virus, is it fair that your site now gets marked as "Malicious"? Sorry about spelling.New keyboard.
  4. Yes, But you said "influence". Which, without doubt, does Influence young people. Also: Please may I refer you attention to Hackforums Rules: So, it is not incouraging members to spread their viruses. And also the legal disclaimer:
  5. Hello,Jeremy484. I have Bolded in area in intrest. So, should we close down Online Gaming sites because they have an influence on young people? Should we stop brodcasting the news, because the have an influence on young people? Should we stop teaching our children, because it has an influence on young people? Should you stop posting, because you have an influence on young people? Please answer.
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