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  1. First I would like to ask why you are being allowed to post attachments and I am not. Secondly there is an extremely large sections dedicated to hacking and only one small section dedicated to White Hat activiities. Even if Omniscient did threaten to sue Malwarebytes should that stop them from listing the site as malicious if it is? No it shouldn't. He threatened to sue us as well. We are still posting. And will keep right on until a judge/jury tells us to stop.
  2. But isn't the point of new members supposedly that they go there to learn how to hack and may not know how to avoid being infected? We have a member list from Hackforums where hundreds of members were infected by a program called Kyle-bot. Once or even twice perhaps you shouldn't be marked. But repeatedly yes you should be. That means that the site is not being properly moderated and supervised. Then once again it is the purpose of Malwarebytes to warn its users and list the site as "Malicious".
  3. There are huge differences between negative and positive influences. There seem to be lots of 'rules' on Hackforums. Yet the actions and the 'rules' don't consistantly match. Such as allowing recruitment for black hat groups onsite. Supposedly they don't promote black hat activities. So what purpose is there to allowing the recruitment? There is none. You can post services such as virus spreading. Yet the site supposedly doesn't promote virus spreading. Why allow the service posting then? What it is about is getting 'around the system'. That's all it is. The link I posted shows that one member states clearly that he was infected by other members four times. Isn't that what the purpose of Malwarebytes is? To keep its users away from sites where they can be infected with malware?
  4. Not a problem. Didn't know I couldn't post attachments. Also is there a way to edit? I would like to delete the duplicate posting.
  5. The majority of online gaming sites do not promote virus spreading, manipulation of financial services, defacing of people's websites, and the numerous other activities found on Hackforums.net that are illegal. Neither does the news, or schools. As for my postings people are free to disregard them. I have many more where these came from. There is a world of difference between gaming sites, the news, teaching in school, and my postings from what occurs on Hackforums.net.
  6. Good day to everyone. I wasn't certain where to post this so I chose this particular section of the forum. My name is Jeremy Laughlin and I am a member of the group Surfers United. We run a website called the Jianna Report. We are considered controversial and I won't deny it. We post the PI of cyber-bullies, hackers, stalkers, etc. For some time we have been working to get Hackforums.net shut down. We feel strongly that it a website which has an undue influence on young people as well as promoting illegal computer activities such as hacking, virus spreading, manipulation of online financial services etc. I'm not certain of what your criteria if for judging a site to be 'positive for malware'. I read the thread earlier that their admin Omniscient came on here and threatened MalwareBytes with legal action. I know that is not an easy threat to withstand and I don't blame this site for exercising caution and withdrawing the 'positive' for malware decision. I did want you to know however that this is how your decision is being regarded on Hackforums. Not with gratitude, but with arrogance The thread itself is this. Omni Pwns MBAM Now is that appropriate? The truth is, that your original judgement of Hackforums was correct. The following is an example of why. Infecting one another From this you can clearly see that the members infect one another all of the time. I am not asking you to be in the middle of Surfers United's dispute with Hackforums. What I am asking however is that you reconsider your decision to remove them from the Malware Positive Listings. Thank you for your time.
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