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  1. Hello Error 2 is ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND, it's possibly a duplicate in the detections (registry 32 VS 64 bits?), but it can be the way McAfee (as you said) protects its registry keys. Yes, I'd like the report to confirm and to fix the false positive. Thanks in advance.
  2. Any chance to get one too? Yeah I know, "only" 150 posts ...
  3. Hello Any chance to get the RK_Quarantine folder back? I need especially the pihar mbr dump, cause RK detects the faked MBR but not the infected bootstrap
  4. Dear Adamc, You speak about customer's satisfaction (whatever satisfaction is, as a matter of fact they're only watching ads while waiting something that has nothing to do with your company, I mean third party software) The satisfaction here is more the business of the 3rd party developer than those who have developed the downloader. This is my own mind. But what about developers satisfaction? If they do not want to be associated with some "fully featured and free" third party downaloader, do they have the choice? I'll answer: No. Because indeed, your company doesn't even ask to them if they w
  5. Oups.... Didn't see that thread... Thank you very much!
  6. Hello Good news! Not sure to understand, how is this possible? If the process is killed, and the driver has not been loaded, how MBAM could re-init itself without parent process recalling it?
  7. RIP my friend.

  8. Depends of the point of view I guess... Maybe the Rogue's Designer will not agree ... Anyway, we should consider it as a troll, cause the author never came back...
  9. Hello you can try RogueKiller (link in my signature) to remove all process, and then use MBAM scanner
  10. Well, site is in french , but the tool is in english. Just DL it, launch it and you will retrieve your native language Send me the report, or post it here (don't know if the moderation will agree... well let's see.)
  11. Hello There are many samples of all rogues. If yours is new, MBAM can't know him. I will not teach you how a virus detection works... If you're still infected, you can use my tool (link my signature), and then when the process is stopped you can launch MBAM to get rid of all the remaining malicious files and registry keys. Don't panic, this is just a rogue
  12. Tigzy


    Sorry, but the author never came back...
  13. Tigzy


    Ok, I'll try get the quarantine back
  14. Tigzy


    Salut S!ri C'est un peu zarb quand 2 fran HD_Speed_FRA.zip
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