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  1. ive installed the free version on dozens of computers the past couple years, and every install, and subsequent update via the update button, always resets mbamservice.exe to automatic, so that on a system startup, mbamservice.exe executes. this is with AUTO UPDATER off, no SCHEDULER tasks, no protection module; nothing is turned on. andi know you said to follow the above procedure to unregister the licensed versions, but i mentioned the dozens of installs ive done and maintain all do the above, i bought ten licenses but have used none of them, i am only talking about the free version. so if you are saying the free version doesnt do it, im saying on the 50+ installs ive done, it always does it on all free versions of me and those i know, at least, in xp. thanks again for helping me with this, i appreciate it.
  2. thanks for the info... but i had bought the 10 licenses not even to use realtime, ie register, mbam, i just wanted to show my support of it. i havent used any of my ten licenses, so on my systems, and those people around me who i take care of their systems, its all the free version, but every update when i visit their systems monthly, it reenables the service again. i dont mind on a fresh install, but if every update it resets it, well, thats why i just ask for the opportunity to have it 'sticky' to my setting, manual, since im using no features (scheduling, autoupdates, realtime protection) that require AUTO. so yes, in summary, though i own 10 licenses, all my versions are the free version, and still reset my MANUAL to AUTO every time i update the list. the option would be nice, its the only program in my arsenal that keeps coming back to be the 15th service when ive nothing open in xp in all systems, the rest all do fine with MANUAL since ive never needed anything running in the background... thanks, gg
  3. thanks for the quick reply, i keep SERVICE in my start menu so i can always access them quickly to turn it to manual, and i work with editing/creating services daily, but it would be nice if someone isnt using realtime protection, to give a user the option under the OPTIONS panel, for 'autorun mbamservice.exe' or such. i guess i just am not seeing why, if someone isnt using scheduled scans/updates and realtime protection, this program has to be in the background 247 when im not using it. i purchase 10 licenses even tho i dont even use realtime, and what a chore to always have to reset to MANUAL. for the 103 programs i have, if they all had the same thing id have 117 processes running, not 14 processes that i do now, and whew, id not have control of my system. since a MANUAL service runs when needed and closes when not needed, id love to see i have that freedom be 'sticky'....thanks. other than that i think mbam is just about as perfect as an app could get, just this one issue makes it do what no other app i have is doing...resetting my personal setting for no reason.
  4. when the program updates itself, it always enables the mbamservice and the accompanying process as well... but i dont want the updates to do this; for i do not have realtime protection enabled nor anything else MBAM related, so i dont know why this service has to re-activate itself every time i update, which then means i have to go in and set it to 'manual' every time i do an update, because it wont stay the way i have set it as a service (manual since i dont use realtime protection) if someone doesnt have realtime enabled, cant you set these updates to set the service to MANUAL so it isnt running 247 thats not being used at all? it would make it easy for me in many ways, most importantly on my systems in xp theres only 14 processes running with no programs open, this way its easy to see when something odd is running, but now MBAMSERVICE keeps showing itself tho i use it but a few minutes once per month to update and run a check. please consider not forcing a program to reset itself to run 247 when its not being used anyways, and allow people either to set it to MANUAL, or else an option to 'dont keep changing my service setting every time i run an update' sort of thing. for the 100+ programs i use regularly, none of them have a forced service, i can set any of them to MANUAL and they stay that way just fine, only loading when the respective program loads, so im hoping for the same effect here, it would be a help.... thanks
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