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  1. Thank you for your quick response. The removal/clean/re-install seems to have it working now. Sorry, I didn't know about the FAQs, this the first time I've had any cause to use the Forum. May I suggest that a try{ ... } catch( ... } block with some watchdog counter might be a better way to deal with such a file information error? Spamming syslog is one of those bugs that can seriously impact a system's performance and can very time-consuming for a field tech to track down. Anyway, so far so good. Again, thanks for your response and thanks to all of you for a wonderful piece of antimalware. Guy
  2. Excuse me, my error: the problem still occurs even after I unload the protection module. I am going to uninstall mbam now to stop this.
  3. I noticed my system was feeling a bit sluggish the past few days and finally found out why. Ever since I installed the new 2.0 version of mbam my Windows System Event Log is getting filled with the following message: Mbamchameleon Failed to obtain file name information - C00000D4 ID 61703 (Category: 4352) If I leave the mbam protection module resident I get these messages. They are being generated at the rate of some 2500 messages per second! No wonder my system disk's I/O is a bit slow these days. I have been a licensed user of mbam since the beginning. I am a computer tech who has used your tool to great effect for years. I am very surprised at this error and would like to know what to do about it. Thank you.
  4. Since we are dealing with sdcard I/O here, and continued scanning of said sdcard can effect its lifetime, the ability to tell the scanner to skip a folder and tree below it is highly indicated. Thank you.
  5. excellent! I look forward to the new release.
  6. Thanks for the instant fix! Very cool, folks
  7. Confirmed here, too. Same files (c:\windows\system32\java.exe along with the one in "SysWOW"), same Trojan.Downloader report. Happens with DB 5249, doesn't with DB 5247. guylauten
  8. Thanks. However, when I go to that link, I get to the sentence "Easy workaround is, download a randomized renamed mbam.exe version from here." with the "here" being the same link as I provided in my initial post. And unfortunately it is still broken. Check it out. gg
  9. As I remember, there used to be a download URL that gave one a randomly-named MBAM installer, which installed and ran mbam under a random name. http://mbam.malwarebytes.org/program/random.php The URL was very useful. I have tried it twice in the last 10 days, and it doesn't seem to work anymore. Anybody know why? Will it come back? I have no problem renaming things myself, but I was just wondering why the URL doesn't work... Thanks for any answers in advance.
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