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  1. Just found SM recommends this fix:> http://support.iolo.com/link/portal/16098/16125/Article/1141/Malwarebytes-Customers-How-to-Add-System-Mechanic-to-Exclusions
  2. Since MWB, after many years, has decided SM to be loaded with PUPs, I found a fix. Simply reinstall SM, run a scan with MWB, and after several hundred PUPs are found choose to IGNORE all of them. After a few scans MWB will stop finding them until the next update. This is really poor performance on the part of MWB.
  3. I agree with TonyKlein completely. All you have to do each time your paid version MWB runs an automatic scan and you get an annoying pop up saying it found something is click on it. Then click a few more steps to see what MWBs found and scroll through the extensive list to see if there is anything you want to keep. So maybe you look through a hundred or so entries, no problem. Then continue with what you were doing before you got the pop up and be happy that after all these years of using System Mechanic your MWB program now classifies so many of it’s files as PUPs. Then you can go back to what you were doing in the first place before the annoyance. This since AdwCleaner became part of Malwarebytes.
  4. I’ve had the paid version of MWB and System Mechanic for years. Yesterday for the first time ever MWB found 179 PUP files seemingly related to System Mechanic. Not knowing what had happened, I deleted all the PUP files which essentially uninstalled System Mechanic. Then it dawned on me the MWB had a new update that marked System Mechanic files as PUPs. Most of the 179 files mentioned System Mechanic, but many only referenced a registry value. I reinstalled System Mechanic, ran MWB again and marked all PUP files to be ignored. This doesn’t help me know which files MWB found are related to System Mechanic when just a registry value is listed. MWB SHOULD ISSUE AN UPDATE TO CORRECT THIS ERROR. File showing 179 entries as PUPs. mwb.doc
  5. I just did the uninstall & cleanup method & it really helped. Now, if I will dicker with the file extensions as recommended in 2 of the above posts.
  6. Mine is a rather fresh version also, but I will do what you recommend. First, I would like to know how to setup file exclusions for Avast, Windows Firewall, Spybot, AdAware, & SpywareBlaster. Thanks
  7. Here is a screen shot of my Avast program. Do I enter the commands in each section that has Exceptions such as the File System Shield, Mail Shield, Web Shield, P2P shield, IM Shield, etc? I don
  8. Not sure I quite understand what to do with all of those commands. I use Avast, and have Spybot, AdAware, and SpyWareBlaster. I'm running Vista, not XP.
  9. Can you loan me a few bucks then, YoKenny1?
  10. I have recently started using the paid version of MWAB and noticed that it really slows down my system. It takes much longer to open programs such as Firefox, MS Word, and all of the other programs I use. I disabled all of the protection MWAB offers in the program and my system runs fine so it must be Malwarebytes using up lots of memory. MWAB is set to scan once daily & update hourly as it was set when installed. I did disable the notification when MWAB blocks an IP. I have a Dell XPS420, 2.40 gigahertz Intel Core2 Quad Q6600, & 4 mb ram. Is there any way to cut down on the memory use?
  11. So the way I understand it is if MWB is blocking these sites I have nothing to worry about? Is that correct?
  12. Regarding my post above. I didn't see a way to edit it. I just noticed that when I log off Skype the pop up for the malicious website no longer appears. What does this mean?
  13. I just got the paid version of Malwarebytes. A message comes up repeatedly that says: Malwarebytes successfully blocked access to a potentially malicious website How can I tell if this is malicious. The IP resolves to a host in the Netherlands. Could this be a legitimate program on my computer trying to check for updates? How can I tell what it is? The only program I use that could possibly be considered a P2P program is Skype. Earlier today I had the same thing pop up for the IP of What is that? I did run the full MWB program and my Avast antivirus along with Spybot and AdAware. No problems found. Does this mean there is probably smooth sailing and to allow these IPs? Thanks,
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