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  1. Thanks Maurice, Attached. Malwarebytes Antimalware has run and cleaned up the detections again. MBST has run this time and been able to complete without blue screening (I did also get a Windows version update in the interim). mbst-grab-results.zip
  2. Thanks Maurice. I can't run the MBSupport Tool to Gather Logs. When the FRST component runs, my computer blue screens; this happens every time I run the tool and always when FRST is running.
  3. I also scanned with ADWCleaner whilst Chrome Sync was disabled and removed the threats it found (except for Preinstalled software). See attached scan results from yesterday: AdwCleaner[S17].txt AdwCleaner[C17].txt AdwCleaner[S18].txt AdwCleaner[C18].txt AdwCleaner[S19].txt And then scan results from ADWCleaner again from today: AdwCleaner[S20].txt AdwCleaner[S17].txt AdwCleaner[C17].txt AdwCleaner[S18].txt AdwCleaner[C18].txt AdwCleaner[S19].txt AdwCleaner[S20].txt
  4. Detection of 13x PUP.Optional.Push.Notifications has recurred even after removal. See attached scan from yesterday before removal: Malwarebytes Scan Results 2020.09.21.txt I followed instructions provided by Malwarebytes on the forum here to disable Chrome Sync, delete online data, remove the threats, then re-enable Chrome sync. However, after a reboot and a new scan by Malwarebytes, the threats are back. See attached scan from today: Malwarebytes Scan Results 2020.09.22.txt Can you please advise how I remove these? Thanks in advance. Malwarebytes Scan Results 2020.09.21.
  5. @AdvancedSetup Thankssssss! That appears to be a winner. No more notifications from MB3. Is there any way to offer advice why MB3 didn't block this in the first place? I've been using MalwareBytes Premium for years now and I'm really disappointed that it didn't prevent this.
  6. Thanks @AdvancedSetup I've followed those steps (although I didn't delete my favicons and Custom Dictionary files as well). Just restarting now - I'll come back when I have confirmed it is working or not.
  7. Thanks Aura, very much appreciated. I have switched to using FIrefox for the moment, but haven't received the same prompts from MalwareBytes,
  8. Attached MB3 and ADWCleaner scan logs AdwCleaner[S13].txt mb3log-2018.08.23-09.57.txt
  9. Thanks Ron, I followed that (even though I initially said in my post I don't believe it applies to my situation). It appeared to clean, however on launching Chrome, the threat has come back. As noted MalwareBytes ONLY detects the outgoing connection to coin-hive.com, nothing more. MB3 does NOT detect any malware on my system when I run a Threat Scan.
  10. I was wrong - I have just been alerted by MalwareBytes again that it has blocked a connection from Chrome to coin-hive.com and ADWCleaner is again showing the same three detected items. Can I please have some assistance?
  11. I seem to have fixed this on my own after using a range of tools and Windows safe mode.
  12. I've attached a pic of ADWcleaner scan and log and MalwareBytes (Premium) scan. ADWCleaner clearly shows the detections (which are not cleaned after a reboot), yet MB3 doesn't even detect them (nor did it stop them when I initially gt infected). I've already read the sticky about "Chrome Secure Preferences detection always comes back", but that doesn't apply. A: Chrome isn't restarted after before running a second scan with ADWCleaner (after the first scan/clean/reboot). B: I have Chrome sync enabled, but this is an app that has been removed from the Chrome web store because it was
  13. I've just bought myself a new laptop because my last was running so slow, installed everything and after signing in to Chrome got a notification from MalwareBytes anti-malware that it's blocked a website connection to coin-hive from Chrome. Here's the report from MalwareBytes: -Log Details- Protection Event Date: 16/08/2018 Protection Event Time: 18:37 Log File: a751317a-a12f-11e8-96bb-106530112b02.json Administrator: Yes -Software Information- Version: Components Version: 1.0.391 Update Package Version: 1.0.6367 Licence: Premium -System Information-
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