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  1. hi , when visiting infomars.fr a ip protection comes : " " a falses positives or not?
  2. i'am using imgur for long time ago
  3. Statements, something similar as panda did or avg is OR Mamutu ids
  4. We do not need a self protection , take a look @ COMODO the drivers still bsod and .. it is very killable.
  5. Whats about it ? or behavior blockers ?
  6. Still detecting .. i import the .reg, but when i manual scan at this files, nothing detected, when i flashscan, it is detected !
  7. Apres ceci , regardez si la definition de la base de donn
  8. i'am french and i can translate S'il vous plait suivez ces instructions : Lancez MBAM Malwarebytes' anti malware. Apr
  9. Detected as trojan downloader
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