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  1. Sorry, I am using a PC with Win10 Home 64 bit ver 1903 build 18362.418. MBAM Premium Update pkg 10.14179 Component pkg 1.0.690 Sorry.
  2. I cannot get Windows Defender to stay on even though I turned off the "Always register malwarebyte in the Windows Security Center and closed out and rebooted. When I click to turn on Defender to do periodic scanning in Windows Virus @ Threat Protection and then click Yes when I get the notification to allow it and it immediately switches the 'periodic scanning' option back to off. Yes, I even turned the PC off, rebooted and checked to make sure the MBAM option to 'Register' was still turned OFF and went back to Windows Security Center and tried it again. No luck. I cannot get Defender to go back on. I really don't know if it is MBAM's fault or not. I was just curious. Thanks,
  3. I just turned on the Avast Web Protection and everything is working properly so far, so it seems I guess it was a MBAM problem after all, as most of us thought. But THANKS for fixing it. Kudos!!!! Buffalo
  4. Well, it was most likely something that MBAM changed to cause the problem. Might not be your fault, but if you revert back to the way it was before the problem started and then WAIT until you get it figured out, no matter whose fault it was.is) that would be beneficial to those of us with that problem. Thanks, PS: Where's Diesel when you need him? :)
  5. I just tried that "disabling HTTPS scanning and it didn't help.I am using "weather.com" as my test URL. I tested on different browsers. I also unchecked everything in there except the "Enable Web Scanning" box and it still didn't work. I then unchecked EVERY BOX in the Web Shield customize page and closed out and it still did not work. But when I turned Web Shield to OFF everything worked. Unchecked all and it didn't help BUT turning Web Shield itself to OFF does. Must be another component in there you can't turn off or on. Hopefully MBAM experts will figure it out shortly. Happy 4th of July. Buffalo
  6. I tried it with all Avast shields disabled several days ago and it didn't help. Today I tried it with all Avast shields disabled and also with just the Avast web shield disabled and it worked. I don't know why it didn't work earlier when I disabled the Avast shields but it does now. Perhaps operator error. So far so good. Now I have to decide which 'web shield' I should use. Thanks, Buffalo
  7. Why all the focus on Eset? I don't use it and I have the same problem as the others. Yes, even turned Avast protection OFF and the problem was still there. I turned of SAS paid, WinPatrol pd and the same problem. So, it is not just an Eset problem,or so it seems. It appears to be a MBAM problem. It started on mine several days ago when Comcast had that major problem and I just thought it was their fault and never suspected anything else until I started searching and experimenting. So, get off that single minded Eset cause, IMHO. If you actually think my sending in some report will help, tell me exactly how to do it and what to turn off and on before doing it, and I will do it. Thanks,
  8. All three are checked. You guys sound like Comcast telling you to 'reset' your modem, check your cable connections etc instead of actually acknowledging the problem. Oh, sorry (after you wasted 2 hrs of my time) the problem was at our end, not yours. Enjoy your day!! Sorry, couldn't resist. I do run Win 10 Home 64 bit with the latest updates. 4 different browsers and ALL have the SAME exact problem. C'mon. ?
  9. Correction: https://malwarebytes.com DID work with Web Protection ON. But, without adding the https:// it would not. https://speedtest.net did NOT work with Web Protection ON nor any variation of that URL.(http, www. etc). Is it easy to just discontinue BETA and only uninstall and reinstall MBAM Premium or will it still be messed up? Do you have to use the MBAM uninstall tool? Thanks,
  10. I also have been having connections for the last 3 days or so. Hell, I cannot even connect to my router with with web protection turned on. I do not use ESET or extra ad blockers. Finally this AM I diagnosed it to MBAM web protection. I do use Avast Free. Hell, I thought it was a Comcast problem because it happened around the same time Comcast had (still has) some major internet problems due to cable damage or similar. Yes, I did suspend Avast Protection and it made no difference. I also turned off my SuperAntiSpyware, no difference. I also turned off WinPatrol, no difference. With everything on, besides MBAM's web protection, all is well. For instance, if try to go to weather.com or even speedtest.net, it will not connect with the web protection ON, and that is with Edge, Palemoon, Firefox and Google Chrome. Now, this is interesting, if I enter https://weather.com instead of weather.com it will work. If I enter https://weather (.com not added) it does not work. If I go to google to find weather for my area and click on the link, it will then work. If I type https://speedtest.net, http://speedtest.net, or speedtest.net it will NOT work. If I turn OFF Web Protection no problem getting the websites. http://www.malwarebytes.com/ doesn't work either, with Web Protection on. So, in conclusion, MBAM Web Protection is causing the problem. I can get onto my favorite online gaming site though, even with Web Protection on, BUT, I cannot even get to my Router even though no internet connection is necessary, I believe, while Web Protection is ON.
  11. Disabling Fast Start has corrected the problem so far. It (System Tray Icon) has worked without a hitch since I did it last week. Thanks, Buffalo
  12. Worked fine again this am at initial bootup. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks, Buffalo
  13. I also noted that when MBAM doesn't show in the system tray, the two MBAM entries in Task Manager are Malwarebytes Service and Malwarebytes 32 bit. When MBAM actually shows up in the System Tray, the two MBAM entries in Task Manager are Malwarebytes Service and Malwarebytes Tray Application. I just changed the Fast Start option in Win10 to not and clicked Save Settings (didn't do that the first time) and Shut down and when I restarted, MBAM showed up in the System Tray. Hopefully this will continue. Again, this problem started after I switched from a HDD to a SSD main HD. I will post back if this 'fix' does continue to work or not, for me. Buffalo PS: When MBAM didn't load in Systray, I also checked the Dump file in C:\users\[name]\AppData\Local\Crash Dumps and there was no info there.
  14. I have the same problem as others upon a cold boot. The MBAM tray icon is missing and it is not listed in the Task Manager. This happens around 9 in 10 times upon first bootup. I do have MBAM premium. Ver 1.0.374 Update pkg ver 1.0.5510. I am running Win10 Home 64bit ver 1803 17134.112 If I reboot, it will show the tray icon almost every time. This has only happened since I switched to a SSD HD instead of my previous HDD. Could the problem be the much faster bootup with the SSD??? The system tray problem started AFTER I switched to the SSD several months ago, BUT, I am not sure if it happened immediately after I did the switch. Still, it does seem strange that this fairly common problem has been going on for a long time and MBAM hasn't solved it yet. I also have disabled my WinPatrol my SAS premium and it made no difference. I use the free Avast anti-virus program and have used all three of those programs while I had the HDD in with never a problem. The system tray problem started AFTER I switched to the SSD several months ago, BUT, I am not sure if it happened immediately after I did the switch. I also tried the MBAM complete uninstall reinstall procedure with no change. So, could it be the much faster bootup that the SSD does? Thanks, Buffalo
  15. OK, thanks. I thought my question was pretty simple regarding VirusTotal and my MBAM, but I will try to get to the proper forum. Thanks for the links. Buffalo
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