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  1. Thank you for your decision. We try to find a solution of the problem, but anyway, how I have said before, we would like to ask developers of MBAM, on their part, to draw close attention on this situation.
  2. We regret sincerely you refuse to unblock our IP, though it is not malicious. The decision should be unbiased but it looks like an attempted blackmail.The detection of processes of some AVs by our AV does not contain a fraudulent intent. It is a result of using an incorrect method by those AVs to store and operate their virus bases. So the fake detection is not so much our problem as the problem of developers of those products. Of course this situation is off-nominal and requiring a solution. We try to solve this problem but it requires a lot of efforts and time as we have to test third-party
  3. I have found the topic here on the forum. Perhaps this is the reason why our IP was blocked? The topic is closed so I can't post a disclaimer. Our AV NANO AntiVirus and known rogue Nano antivirus are not the same, there is the unfortunate name's coincidence only. I have sent the private message to the moderator Fatdcuk but haven't received any reply.
  4. I guess you don't understand me. I will try to explain more clear. I don't allege that there are malware in your test system or that MBAM or MSE are malware. The fact is that there are fragments of malware in the memory of these both programs. We guess that these fragments are some signatures of virus bases of these AV's. I can send on demand 160 byte dump of the memory block of MBAM process where is the above-mentioned fragment. That fragment looks like a part of the modified Kryptik.gen by our classification (Trojan.FakeAV!gen27 by Symantec, FakeAlert-LX by McAfee and so on). To avoid that k
  5. Did you mean that the system protection of NANO AntiVirus detects these processes as harmful? If so, it's predictable. We have analysed the situation. As we have conjectured there are unencrypted fragments of malicious code in the memory of both above-mentioned programs.
  6. I can't understand, is it a great problem to check the site and unblock it?? Please settle the problem!
  7. Hello colleagues, Our user has informed us that IP of our site www.nanoav.ru ( is blocked by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Please settle the problem. If you need any information please contact me by e-mail in my profile Thank you. Best, Pamfilova Irina
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