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  1. I don't have a clue !! Musta posted to the wrong topic.
  2. Vino's Event Viewer v01c run on Windows XP in English Report run at 09/05/2010 3:55:10 PM Note: All dates below are in the format dd/mm/yyyy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 'Application' Log - error Type ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Log: 'Application' Date/Time: 01/05/2010 5:28:01 PM Type: error Category: 0 Event: 1013 Source: MsiInstaller Product: NVIDIA PhysX v8.10.13 -- Installation terminated Log: 'Application' Date/Time: 21/04/2010 11:35:56 PM Type: error Category: 0 Event: 1001 Source: Application Error Fault bucket 1823369535. Log: 'Application' Date/Time: 21/04/2010 11:28:33
  3. I use CYBER DEFENDER's software. Was having some lock-up probs and the Cyber support guys - in India - got on the phone with me. After much figgling and diggling, turns out the prob was THEIR SOFTWARE !! Anyway, got a brand new, as yet unreleased, version and that prob was cured. The second thing the Cyber guy did was download the free version of Malware and remove the 692 accumulated infections. Since I do not free-load, I then bought the full version. Computer now runs great and I'm happy with both Cyber and Malware. To YoKenny's point. I'm more of a gun guy than a computer guy. In t
  4. BUT should it not start-up with Windows ?? ----------------------------------- And Firefox, what in whole wide world of sports are you doing running something from McAfee ????
  5. OK guys, I have turned on the software and now see my Red "M" in the tray. Update says I have the latest data base available. Had already used the scheduler. Pretty straight forward even for me. Should I have to enable protection with each start-up ?? Yes "Start With Windows" is checked.
  6. Well crap. First of all says I'm running 1.45. ID is visible but the Key is all xxxxx.
  7. Don't believe I have registered. Thanks guys and I'll be back.
  8. What is this Pro version ?? I go to the download site but see no mention of Pro. I've paid and am running 1.46. Is this the "PRO" version ?? Confused......as usual.
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