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  1. Very good point @exile360 hopefully @knguyen1 will pop back in here and respond to what you posted. We have this rolled out to around 700 EU's and am very concerned about it
  2. knguyen1 Thanks for the info, but surely we should be using a newer version than this ? Even with the updates the detection engine can't be as good as 4.0 can it ? Thanks
  3. That's for the updates, anyone from Malwarebytes want to chime in why this has never been updated ?
  4. Thanks for that link, considering that is was supposed to come out in 2016 I take this isn't happening and we are vulnerable running this extremely old version
  5. We just installed the Malwarebytes module for Kaseya and was quite surprised it was just version Surely this isn't as good as the current version that is out ? Hopefully this is the same program, just a different numbered release. Because it sure looks like a very old version. Also if so, why would Kaseya still be releasing such an old version of your product. Thanks
  6. Thanks, they also said they were working with Malwarebytes on the problem right now. I imagine Malwarebytes will be pushing an update in an hour or so.
  7. Marty I just called Godaddy and talk about being completely useless. Their idea of help was linking me to the Malwarebytes website that showed me how to add exceptions. LOL
  8. Thanks Marty, I will give it a shot right now.
  9. I am also having the same problem today. I excluded imap.secureserver.net and smtpout.secureserver.net and still can't connect.
  10. Thanks for your response, you have a very good product. Any plans on making an anti-virus program also. It would be great to combine this with an antivirus in one package like AVG does. Personally I think your Malware protection blows AVG's away. Who knows, one day one of those cash bloated anti-virus companies may make a play for you like AVG did for.......ummmm.....whatever that company was they gobbled up and made thiers. We install your free product on all of our customers computers for cleanup and tell them to click the purchse link if they want real time protection. I think it's high time we started making some money on this also. But the one thing we hear from almost every customer is "does this include virus protection also" Thanks again for your time.
  11. If I have Anti-Malware would I need RougeRemover also? Does Anti-Malware do the job of Rouge also? Thanks
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