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  1. o btw i understand this isnt with a log file. But mbam doesnt detect so it would be pointless
  2. Hi all Just wanted to know if anybody has being having issues with SDinfo From spyaware doctor. Mcafee (not my choice) has been flagging this up as a generic backdoor. Normally i would expect it to be a false positive, and not worry about it but the two computers that have flagged up a problem (two seperate networks single machines) have also had their updates disabled (could also be downadup) wondered if anybody had an idea. Would you like a copy of SDInfo cheers -Lionel Baden
  3. Just wondering if anybody here might know of a way to protect a registry key with a password ??? feeling doubtfull but thought this may be a good place to ask Cheers in advance
  4. I FINALLY GOT THE TECH LICENSE should probably point out the delay was at our end can i ask for extra special treatment as techy ?? e.g. the desperate need for auto removal, e.e.g. if a user called us we would ask em to scan and delete everything anyway so it make 0% difference :/ cheers Wooot i have the tech license
  5. is somebody else reporting mcafee enterprise or shall i ??? *edit nm done it
  6. just had mcafee flag this up otherwise since install nothing has happened with mbam Just thought i would drop you a line and ask if its yours or has something duplicated a file and hung something on etc etc ...
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