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  1. My computer has been freezing and so I thought scan it for malware and viruses. It returned with 1 Infected file c:\WINDOWS\system32\termsrv.dll (Trojan.Downloader). It gives me the options to quarantine the file but when i do and go to delete it, it doesn't show up in the quarantined tab. Every time I restart the computer anti malware comes up and detects the trojan. I've read on the fourum that this has happened to someone and one of the malwarebytes staff was able to check the termsrv.dll file and found that it was a hacked and modified version. Can some one please help this is very annoyin
  2. Hi there. I'm am having the same problem with my anti malware detecting the termsrv.dll as an infected file... how could i check to see if that file has been hacked or modified. my computer seem to freeze and i think it might be because of the infected termsrv.dll file. Can some one please help. Thanks
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