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  1. Hi LiquidTension, I was just watching a TV show via VLC (not streaming in VLC, just watching a previously downloaded one) Here is the most recent dump file attached. Note that I have just upgraded to Windows 10 Version 2004, Build 19541.1000 since the issue happened. 010820-17859-01.7z
  2. @Porthos I'm not seeing anything related to ig.exe in my current firewall rules. I'm running Windows Defender Firewall, and haven't ever made any specific changes to this with the exception of letting certain programs though. Those changes though would have been made a while ago now.
  3. Here are the mbst-grab-results as well. Please note that I first ran the Repair part of the Malwarebytes Support Tool accidentally, which reinstalled MBAM and rebooted the machine. I then gathered the results by running the tool again. This may have skewed the logs for you if the repair function removed the previous issue logs. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Hi, Just had a BSoD (technically a Green Screen of Death) out of nowhere, with the file mwac.sys being the culprit, so thought I'd report it here so should anyone else get this it can be looked at. I am running Windows 10 Build 2004 (Fast-track insiders build) and the Malwarebytes Premium version Update version 1.0.17453 and Component package version 1.0.793 I have attached the required mb-check file mb-check-results.zip
  5. Hi Porthos, OK, many thanks. Just wanted to check if it was just me, or effecting other MBAM users, and if it was to make them aware. As it effects you, at least I can confirm it's not just me.
  6. As of this morning, I have been trying to get to Amazon.co.uk but keep getting certificate warnings. I have tried both in the latest stable builds of Chrome and Firefox. Here is a screen shot that I am getting using Chrome. Nothing jumps out at me when looking at the page source, except the ASCII 'Meow', at the bottom, which I assume is something one of the coders added. I also have the latest version of Malwarebytes Premium (version 4.0.4), which I have scanned my system with (incl for Root Kits) When I run a nslookup for Amazon.co.uk it comes back with the below IP Addresses: These also give the same warning. I use LastPass (plus 2FA) for everything, and Google is set to not remember passwords. This issue remains if I also connect to a UK server with my VPN provider (CactusVPN paid for) All other sites are fine, it's just Amazon.co.uk. Amazon.com is fine I am based in the UK and my ISP is BT if that helps. My DNS is: Primary: Secondary: Any other information you need, please just ask. When I disable Malwarebytes Premium, the site works as it always has. Is this an issue on Malwarebytes' end?
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