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  1. I think i must pass this one i know Visual Basic Net. but i'm just a starter. too bad i always wanted to do something with Security In The IT World.
  2. Update* IObit Malware Fighter Shoud Launch Soon Now! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out the forum: I Know many people don't like IObit company here but. You can always give it a try when the program is released. -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Is Great So Far But A Little Suggestion Woud Be Nice. Suggestion: A small splashscreen in the right corner of your computer screen saying that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is started up, instead of searching the icon in Windows Vista or Windows 7. Something like that i mean.
  4. Why not make a button with link in the program Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware where people can dowload the offline installer
  5. Hello Members, Malwarebyte's Team, just to know when the new version comes and what the team is working on right now?
  6. And When Are The Boxes Going International For BELGIUM?
  7. Hello jnhyep57, as i now Dell PcTuneup Is A Safe program because it works together with Iolo technologies and you ghad to pay 40 dollars for a one year license! as described here: Dell Pctuneup Iolo so never do that instead go for Tweaknow Powerpack Website Greets Jelrikj
  8. Hello members you all know the story that IObit company stole Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware database. And yeah i know that to it was true. But enough with that i want to present to you soon the New! IObit Security 360 Called IObit Malware Fighter! IObit Security 360 Now! IObit Malware Fighter! There Is No Beta Release Yet but i think this wood be again Nice competition.. Sorry if i may not post the images.
  9. I Use, + G-DATA Internet Security 2010 Paid version. + Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware Paid version. + IObit Security 360 Paid version, And as soon as Spybot Search & destroy 2.0 in Beta is i use that eather.
  10. Hello exile360, yeah i ghad the paid version and have Version 1.45 installed.
  11. Hello sirzune, why using threatfire? its a buggy progrma ( for me ) and VIPRE Premium ghad a mucht better firewall. and threatfire coud be the cause..
  12. Hello Malwarebyte's Team, The Site Is Great but why you don't add small little images on the Products page. it is better for recognizing directly wich product you ghad and its nice to see.
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