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  1. Two of the computers have AVG 9.0, and the other computer has Symantec Corporate Edition. I now have another computer that the severe slowdown would happen when they tried to print to a printer connected to another computer on their network. All of these issues started after the 1.45 update, and so far have disappeared when I disable the mbamservice. Thank you.
  2. First let me say that MBAM is a great program with excellent cleaning and protection abilities.....I won't get on the Internet without it. After previous program updates, MBAM automatice updating and scanning was not affected. Unless I've overlooked something, with the new scheduling options(great idea!) the automatic updating and scanning is disabled until you set a new schedule. In the past year, I have sold and installed MBAM on over 150 computers. It appears that the update to version 1.45 took place normally, but after the update automatic updating was disabled. This has left all these computers without automatic updating/scanning, until the schedule is setup. Has the program update been changed so that I can contact my customers to let them know to do a manual update and it will enable the automatic update/scanning so that they, or me, do not have to go in and setup the scheduling?? 150+ computers is a lot of computers to have to set it up manually, especially if I have to do it at my own time/expense since my clients already paid me to set it up originally. Thank you for your help!
  3. I am working on three computers, one is mine, the other two are two separate clients, where mbamservice.exe is causing severe slowdown at random. The only common denominator I see at this point is that all three are running quickbooks, different versions on each computer. This severe slowdown has started since the MBMA program update on March 29, 2010. Currently I have MBAM completely disabled on all three computers to see if it is the culprit. MBAM is an awesome program for cleaning malware out of a computer and for protecting future malware infections. I hate that I've had to disable the protection on these computers so that they can be used for daily work. Thank you for your help!
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