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  1. As of a few weeks ago, I kept getting errors on my computer startup that told me MBAM's protection didn't automatically initialize. The problem was solved as simply as opening up the program and re-clicking the checkbox, but it's a bit iritating and has caused me to wonder if the program is updating regularly (I do have it set to automatically update, but there will be times when manually updating that the number of versions in between the current and update seems like a large number, for example, updating from version XXX21 to XXX35). I did run a virus scan with MBAM about two weeks ago, but
  2. Thank you for the suggestions. I had no trouble using hosts-file.net, but robtrex was a little confusing. If you search something and results turn up at all, then does that mean the site is dangerous?
  3. I run MBAM on my machine and am pretty comfortable (and impressed) by the protection that it offers. However, occasionally when I am on a forum, on Facebook, etc. someone will post a link to another site in a topic. I admit to being more than reasonably paranoid about getting stuff on my computer that shouldn't be there and even though I run MBAM, have CA as my primary virus scan and use the NoScript add-on in Firefox, I was wondering if MBAM had any sort of database list of untrustworthy sites so that I could look up unfamiliar site names before I browse. I do have McAfee site adviser but fro
  4. Okay, so, just to be clear, MBAM blocked an advertisement and not the website itself, correct? I assume that because I had access to the page already, this was the case. I tried the firefox plugin out but the main problem is that I need to be able to convert youtube video into MP3s - I just need to obtain the audio in some shape or form in order to put it on a CD. The company that makes the plugin has a youtube mp3 program but in the EULA it had two parts that make me a bit wary of using the program: "When you install the Software, the install program adds an update service UpdateSvr.exe respo
  5. I hate to double post but no one has an answer for this? Nothing? Not even a suggestion? I realize it isn't a major problem like my computer getting infected with a virus, but I would like to know if A) The site I tried to get the downloader from was safe and if it wasn't, is there anyplace that I could get a downloader safely?
  6. I checked and it looks to me that the blocked IP was If said website is unsafe, does anyone know where I can find a safe youtube downloader?
  7. Just today, I searched google for a youtube downloader. I used a link that McAfee site advisor tagged as safe and then clicked from that page to the downloader site, a site that I'm 99% sure I've used before to download things like MBAM and Super-Anti Spyware, so I'm pretty sure it's safe. However, when running the installation program for the youtube downloader, MBAM blocked a malicious IP. I didn't catch the IP (I can provide it if someone can tell me if there's a second that records the recently blocked IPs on my machine). The main thing, though, is that I'm not sure if it was a specific ad
  8. Okay. I assume, though, that it is safe to continue using Skype, then since MBAM live protection is enabled? I'm not exactly sure what I can do to prevent Skype from accessing these IPs since when the alert message was triggered it was merely Skype starting up, meaning that it was automatic.
  9. Okay. I assume, though, that it is safe to continue using Skype, then since MBAM live protection is enabled? I'm not exactly sure what I can do to prevent Skype from accessing these IPs since when the alert message was triggered it was merely Skype starting up, meaning that it was automatic.
  10. On a recent start up of Skype, MBAM reported that it blocked a malicious website with the IP address Since Skype running was the only thing different from my computer before and after this alert, I am assuming it has something to do with Skype (a new version is available for install, it seems, according to the program window and not just a random, suspicious pop-up). Skype is a safe program to my knowledge, so I wanted to get a second opinion on this one.
  11. Thank you. I didn't think that Valve would have been involved at all, but thanks for the reassurance. I am going to try to contact them today and let them know of my findings. Also of note; it looks as though the IP blocked message for steampowered.com is gone, or else it didn't show last night, so that problem may have been fixed.
  12. Okay, so the IP is associated with a group that runs fraudilent schemes. Why is it that I am getting this message, though? Valve is a reputable company, I don't see how or why they would at all be associated with these guys. And I don't think this is just a server issue; this error happens every time I log off, regardless of which server I join. Is there a possiblity that something has infected my TF2 program and tries to send content to that site (kinda unlikely as I have scanned numerous times with MBAM, albeit in normal mode and not safe mode, and haven't found even one malware infection)?
  13. First off, I am very impressed with your product and believe that it's actually saved me a good deal of greif recently as it looks as though it blocked a site specific malicious redirect that was giving me some grief. However, it seems as though MBAM has an aversion to Steam, Valve Software's online game distribution service and multiplayer platform. Namely, whenever I exit a game of Team Fortress 2, I recieve an IP blocked message such as the one attached. A similar message appears when I try to log onto Steampowered.com, a website that I am 100% sure is safe. I will try to get a snapshot of
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