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  1. It is believed it may be malware preventing the computer to boot into normal mode.
  2. At this point I can't loose any files or programs and their settings it's crucial.
  3. I did a registry change it loaded windows normally; although as soon as I loaded a browser with alot of tabs, the computer locked up. I finally one successful load, but it didn't load successfully again.
  4. If I upgrade Windows to 2002, it may resolve its self, instead I get a 0xc0020036 error when attempting to upgrade by means of the Windows10 Update Assistant. There is for sure a problem with the profile; nothing else.
  5. I tried your suggestion, by creating a new profile; same issue, it locked up ?
  6. By being logged into an Administrator account and attempting to uninstall the program, AI Suite II; didn't work. As well I did have to start Volume Shadow copy.
  7. I did a clean boot, instead of the login screen; the screen is black and I have to manually restart ?
  8. The computer boots into the normal login screen but as it's loading it stops and locks up; or instead of the normal login screen it just goes black, that isn't often but it has happened.
  9. @exile360 I believe what you are saying is the cause of the problem. I just have to get it fixed so that it boots into that user profile in normal mode; I don't see there being any hardware issue. I will update when I get it resolved.
  10. @Maurice Naggar Windows Management Instrumentation was and is running. I've attached an updated FRST debug information.
  11. @exile360 This sounds reasonable as to the problem. Why it happened around that date is odd, cause I did the same thing before and it didn't corrupt the the user profile and boot files. I could be wrong but I think the user profile is corrupt.
  12. The normal mode fails just when Windows loads, either the login screen with the background image & clock are visible then the computer restarts; or, the screen it just black and it restarts, or I have to manually restart the computer.
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