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  1. Is there a scheduled release date for 1.46? Also I read somewhere in the forum that your practise of sending the entire data base with each update is to be changed in an upcoming release. Will this be included in 1.46? As I dial-up user (not by choice!) I am very interested in this issue as well.
  2. I'm aware that I can buy functionality that used to be provided free of charge (E.G. silent unattended updates). Has logging been removed from the free version when invoked from the command line as well? I have been unable to find a reference to this and would like to confirm it before seeking other alternatives.
  3. I have been using mbam for awhile without incident using Windows XP Scheduled tasks to schedule unattended updates and scans each night. I struggled through the update failures after upgrading to 1.45 and have got that working by changing /runupdate to /update and scheduling a script to close the message box left after the update has completed. I have noticed that no log is produced during the unattended scans using the following cmd: C:\PROGRA~1\MALWAR~1\mbam.exe /scan -terminate -log in Windows Scheduled Tasks. Running the scan unattended without having a log to document the results seems useless. If I fire up Mbam.exe and run the scan by clicking on the Scan button a log is produced. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the product from instructions found elsewhere on this forum but still no log when running unattended. Is this by design or am I missing something?
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