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  1. When closing HWInfo, the computer restarted. I'm thinking, due to the OC something is being pushed a little over. I'm going to have too check all over clocking settings; odd how over two years everything is fine, then again, hopefully it can be resolved soon.
  2. @exile360 I see ring, although I don't see any temperature for ring ? I resorted the system back to over clocking so far so good, this is a little difficult to find what was the problem; unless there really was no problem and it was some odd glitch. 🤕 Although, I'm going to reset the ram and check the paste, very odd.
  3. Yes. The PC Decrapifier tool doesn't find AI Suite II, unfortunately. As I mentioned it is a very difficult program to remove, it's sorta like malware. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to remove this program ?
  4. What is the name I'm looking for in HWInfo for ring temp ? I have yet to increase the memory frequency back to default but all the temps look good, motherboard temp looks good as well. Once I increase everything, that is where it hopefully shows where the problem is.
  5. Revo Uninstaller is not finding Asus Suite II therefore it can't remove it ?
  6. I'm talking about the room which the computer is in, reaches 32C, not the CPU. Would that play a part or very little ?
  7. You're saying, re-apply thermal paste, bring the ram frequency back to normal frequency and see if there is any boot issues; if not, I can overclock ?
  8. Unless if the computer was in a extremely hot environment around 32C for weeks, could this cause an issue with memory ?
  9. I have not changed the thermal paste in about 2.5 years roughly. Fans and such, I'll have to check but the dust is probably minimal. Which temps are you referring too ?
  10. It was overclocked for more then two years, no problems; then three weeks ago, the problem just started ?
  11. Should I increase memory frequency up to it's regular memory frequency and see how stable it is ?
  12. I've made some progress but still haven't found the problem. After turning off all overclocking and reducing the memory frequency by 400mhz, Windows has successfully booted into normal mode successful, no BSOD for a while; files and folders in excellent shape, restarting showed no problems either. I don't foresee the overclocking of the CPU as the problem, I'm guessing one of the memory DIMMS is faulty ?
  13. When running Adwcleaner, it showed that it quarantined Asus Suite II, as you can see in the report here. Although upon restarting the computer, these programs still continued to load: Turbo V Help - Location: Program Files \ Asus \ AI Suite II \ Turbo Evo \ TurboVHelp.exe U3BootSvr.exe - Location: Program Files \ Asus \ AI Suite II \ USB 3.0 Boost\ U3BoostSvr.exe EPUHelp - Location: Program Files \ Asus \ AI Suite \ EPU \ EPUHelp.exe AI Suite II - Location: Program Files \ Asus \ AI Suite \ AI Suite II \ AI Suite II.exe Therefore adwcleaner did not completely remove A
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