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  1. Glad this came up. I posted in ESET that my 1809 Upgrade was repeatedly stuck on "Install at 91%", FIXED by DIS-abling ESET, Mbam, and SuperAS. A Reply included that "ESET and MBAM Pro generally may not play nicely together regardless of OS updates. " it was never answered IF the issue is (ie) system resources resulting in slow/choppy App openings, Word .docs freezing, etc., - OR - that the crime-fighting assets of each can Cancel each other out. What's Mbam's latest attitude on having Both Real-time?
  2. ESET Mobile Sec / AV instd now on Samsung Note 5. / Desktop does fine with ESET EIS + MBAM Prem 3. Any Known conflicts?
  3. I first thought .391 was a Mis-type and just re-visited this Thread. I still have .390 and Auto-Update is ON. Oops, Not Beta. It is Now. Thanks for the interest..... .391 Loads all - http - addresses I tried, particularly Firefox Forums addresses. Really appreciate the follow-up!
  4. Happy for those 2 guys. I don't want to Turn-Off ESET Modules so I'll live with Web Protection being "Off". I still can't load -- http -- sites with it On but it isn't worth a project just for one guy..... And, http should be disappearing in time so it won't matter then.
  5. Meaning We go to them for a Solution - Or - you guys are still researching it for an Mbam fix? No issues until Comp Pkg .374 (AT&T Hm Pg Block) and .390 (no http loading)/ Eleventeen can't load most sites is in special category.
  6. To muddy the water .... (2nd time/ 1st didn't Help) I just tried again Maurice's ESET Disable in Web-Email section - Enable application protocol content filtering - and then Turn Back On ... and Firefox Forum is loading again. -- Web Protect is "ON". -- This Re-Try was because I couldn't log into the John Hancock site even with https ( https://www.jhannuities.com ). & Firefox popup said it was Unverifiable Security Issue and to Try the Same ESET OFF / Back ON as Maurice suggested here. Had an Avast section too in popup. I'm sure I Turned App Protocol Content Filter Back ON the last time for success BUT NOW It only loads http with the Filter OFF. Turning back On fails now. I'll watch awhile as nothing I do to net success repeats & I don't want to confuse things.
  7. Forgot the ZIP File. Ref .390 & HTTP:// No-Loads ....... You have to Turn-Off Web Protect to Dnload the (http://) FRST and I at first forgot to Turn Web Protect back ON B4 running the Analysis Tool. Results with .390 Comp Pkg & Web Protect & ESET "ON". mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. Web Protect "ON: I tried Maurice's (2) ESET Turn Off/Back On (they're in the Web - Email section) individually, careful to Clk Out and OK the UAC each time. No luck. With Web Protect "OFF" I Disabled ESET Protect/Paused FW, Turned Web Protect back "ON" ..... No luck. I'm seeing "Waiting on Mozillazine.com" vs TLS Handshake. w/.390 .... Web Protect Off still the fix. I'm Win 7-64 SP1 Hm Prem.
  9. http:// Time-Outs .... I'm seeing a lot of --- Waiting on TLS Handshake ---- I have 15 Mbam Exclusions in ESET from Porthos Post (Link below) BUT it's in --- ESET Advanced Setup/ DETECTION ENGINE/ Basic/ Exclusions --- .... No one ever Specified ESET Location for Exemption til here .. https: //forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/218471-what-do-i-do-to-make-eset-nod32-and-malwarebytes-run-well-together/ There's a Space between https: AND // so a big Thread module isn't created when I paste it. Going back to Comp Pkg .365
  10. I, too, can Confirm AT&T Hm Pg Loading with Component Pkg 1.0.390. Forgot I had Beta App Updates "ON" so I don't know IF a Re-Start was Required/part of my success. Hopefully Re-Start works for WetLook. Thanks for the Solution although a back-dated .365 was Loading.
  11. Really sorry I Mis-typed the URL .... It's -- https://start.att.net. Maybe no difference but try again IF you can.
  12. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/673057/homepagebrowser-issues/#entry4517462 I previously posted this problem on the Bleeping Computer Forum and a guy has just posted that making a Mod in Chrome that forces the use of HTTPS vs HTTP Solved his loading problems. He did NOT mention Mbam and presumably had a different "Won't Load" issue. Can you or anyone STILL WITH C Pkg 1.0.374 - (I've back-dated mine) see if your Browser will load -- HTTPS://att.start.net -- and Does it make any difference? I seem to recall once typing HTTPS for the Hm Pg into Firefox but it always loaded - HTTP - I NOW have an FF Extension - HTTPS Everywhere - that is supposed to force the use of the HTTPS address where a domain supports it. Typing HTTPS now Does load HTTPS but with the back-dated Comp Pkg I can't tell IF HTTPS by itself (with 1.0.374 Inst'd) would solve the problem - AND - IF having the HTTPS Everywhere Extension in Firefox IS a requirement to make FF load the Hm Pg as HTTPS. Testers needed .
  13. Really appreciate that. All is well again until a Solution evolves.
  14. HOW? .......... Googling -- "Revert back to earlier Malwarebytes Component Package" -- netted - 0 -
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