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  1. Anticipating the day I install 3.0 I started the Copy-Paste of your above suggested Exclusions into ESET ESS v10 Only to discover that in my Win 7 Hm Prem the MBAM Folder is in Program Files (x86) - and that assistant.exe and mbamtray.exe don't appear in my MBAM Prem App. Punch drunk from reading all of these posts I RE-READ the start of this thread Only to be reminded THIS is about WIN 10, so any other OS Users don't repeat my Exclusion mistake - although it's easily corrected IF you know to.
  2. Cecile, in your Next Support Staff Meeting you might state / get Clarified that I've been Referred to Cleverbridge for a Refund Vs. Support. Your FAQ refers Refunds to MBAM Support as did your email, SO ... unless Sppt needs to mark on a list that a Refund will be requested, - and THAT is why Support is given As The First Contact - you ought to change the FAQ and your Replies to the Cleverbridge Contact data. FYI Only. Thanks again and I look forward to Installing 3.0 when some of the current issues are resolved and I get brave enough to do it.
  3. I actually showed the 1st year Dnload page in my post but attached the correct Dec '16 Renewal Dnload page to my Sppt email with MBAM ID - Key - and - MBAE .JPG proof of purchase.,. Too bad Edit disappears so fast, or doesn't exist. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks, Cecile. I have just one computer so I'll submit a request for a Refund.
  5. Just Learned of MBAM 3.0 via Macrium Reflect Conflict Thread in Macrium Forum. Would appreciate some explanation WHY MBAM would accept Anti-Exploit Premium $25 Renewal (Cleverbridge) on December 4 for a Product that would be Free to me 4 DAYS LATER ................ via MBAM 3.0 (Lifetime License). WHY is that Not STEALING under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE ?????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Announcing Malwarebytes 3.0, a next-generation antivirus replacement Posted December 8, 2016 by Marcin Kleczynski
  6. Priv Msg Reply sent prior. All is well. Thanks again! Issue closed.
  7. Manual Renewal involves use of an Uninstall Tool and New ID / Key. It's an acceptable process when you know how the program works, although a Staff Mbr in the Sppt Forum sent me the Uninstall tool. I presume I can find it next year. Issue Closed.
  8. Thanks, Gringo, I attached both sets of ID / Keys in a Priv Message to you and am Up & Running with the New License.. Knowing the Uninstall / Reinstall procedure in the future will prevent unnecessary frustrations. Thanks again! Craig
  9. Does a Manual Renewal involve Uninstall and Reinstall using the NEW ID and KEY I recvd after payment yesterday? I see no other way to use the New ID / Key I wasn't expecting Vs just update my License Expiration with Same ID / Key.. If you Manually Renew it appears the new 1-Year License STARTS THAT DAY, NOT at the end of the current License date. Right? WHY if Yes? Many Thanks. Asked, Not Answered in Comments Group.
  10. I started on a Manual Renew Web page and once PayPal Payment was processed I recvd a NEW ID and KEY for 2017 Vs. just updating my Expiration Date. Are you really supposed to Uninstall / Reinstall Anti-Exploit and Re-Activate with New ID and Key? The "About" Tab currently produces No Activation Block for the New ID & Key, so it appears Manual Renewal involves some punishment. IF you Manually Renew it appears the 1-Year Renewal starts the Day you Renew and YOU LOSE the days up to the current Expiration Date. Right? Any clarification is appreciated.