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  1. Copied from a similar Issue about Exploit Protection being OFF ....... The Malwarebytes' staffers/helpers must have good log data for a quality fault analysis to begin. 1) Then, please follow the steps within the locked/pinned topic at Having problems using Malwarebytes? Please follow these steps 2) In your next (this thread) reply, please attach Only the three (3) separate files that are developed above:, FRST.txt, and Addition.txt. 3) Since you may have not already done so by now, please consider selecting the "Follow" button, near the upper-right corner of your topic, to receive timely notifications regarding replies. Thank you.
  2. Does this mean ... Re-install .1733 Over existing install ... Rt Clk M icon is System Tray -- "Quit Mbam" .... then Reboot? I made a "D" in mind reading.
  3. Tommy, this group is trying very hard to return sanity to the App and Some data from you would be a big help. You KNOW from forum posts that they will want your Mbam Version (I'm, Update Pkg Ver ( I started at 1.0.1980 / I'm currently 1.0.2001 via auto-updates), and the 2 .TXT files and One .ZIP file from the Link below ....... If you're .1733 and NOT Update Pkg Ver .2001 try Clking from dash / scan status/ updates ... the Current Link to see if you get Up-to-Date. Otherwise see Quote Link below and follow..... An Older Mbam Ver will likely have them telling you to Upgrade.... don't know why you wouldn't. Zip goes to my Desktop per my FF setup and .TXT files Open as they finish. I Saved to known Folder although If I had just closed them they would have been on the desktop. You'll Drag all 3 Results into a Defined area in the post format [lower screen see paper clip & "Drag files here to attach" ]. Good luck.
  4. Great Jay. Reading this Forum and our own experiences make us all experts after awhile. Anyone reading this should Check Your Version when looking for issue Solutions.
  5. I'm .1733 on Update Pkg Ver [ .1987 ] On Dashboard screen / Scan Status / Updates: Clk the Current Link & see if you get an update above [ .1983 ]. If Not, most Post-ers are asked to provide the (2) .txt Files and One .ZIP File from this link Below and attach in your next post in this Thread. Zip goes to my Desktop per my FF setup and .TXT files Open as they finish. I Saved to known Folder although If I had just closed them they would have been on the desktop. You'll Drag all 3 Results into a Defined area in the post format [lower screen see paper clip & "Drag files here to attach" ]. Good luck. Everyone's trying very hard to help us so roll with the flow.
  6. I run a daily Threat Scan at 7 a.m. when I'm usually on the computer, and have NEVER known it was running. ( i5 8G system See Signature ..... which can't be updated until I make 50 posts) Pure logic: the more thorough daily "Threat Scan" is the Most Beneficial -- IF -- it does Not interfere with normal computer use. Just Try a Threat Scan while doing Normal work and see IF the drag on your system is too much Western Digital's MyPassport Backup Drive Software (Real-Time monitoring) takes 25% CPU usually; I started a Threat scan & noticed via Process Explorer CPU ranges of 15% to 27% for MBAM with Half-second bumps occasionally in the 30's and a few 40's .... a half-second is all for the "above 25's". That was early in the Scan - didn't watch the entire time. Again, I never know it's running. A few tests will lead to the best decision - which can always be changed.
  7. .1733 Installed quickly over .1716 without issue. Thanks for the Prompt Reply!!
  8. With Web Protection freeze corrected after the 6th System Re-Boot, should I Manually Install -- OVER current .1716 -- to Get latest Improvements? Auto-Update is ON and No Updates occur -- and Install Updates Button states "No Updates Are Available". Leave as is OR Install 1733 Over 1716? Many Thanks!
  9. Web Protection "Starting freeze" has disappeared on the 6th System Re-Boot. All OK now. This was After I "QUIT MBAM" and forgot to Reactivate BEFORE Turning computer OFF. I usually remember to reactivate. Should I expect to always "QUIT MBAM" each time I need to Swap (Safely Remove) my (2) External Backup Drives - OR - might that be Fixable in the future. If I can help diagnose a potential problem for others using the (3) .TXT Files submitted, just provide directions.
  10. Files attached per request. Thanks for the Reply. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  11. was Perfect (Update shows None Available).......I have to QUIT MBAM to - "Safely Release" my 2 Western Digital Ext Bkup Drives - and Once Prior I forgot to RE-Activate MBAM BEFORE Turning the Computer OFF. (Only) Web Protection "Starting" freeze Issue occurred. Two Re-Starts FIXED that issue. Today 5 Re-Starts have NOT after I Quit Mbam and turned computer Off Before Reactivating MBAM. I see a many Posts about -- LATEST MBAM Version "Web Protection STARTING Freeze" Issue -- so What's the point in Updating to new beta? Hope someone can advise next logical step amidst the long line of others needing help.
  12. (No Updates Show Available) was Working Perfectly. I HAVE TO [ QUIT MBAM ] to RELEASE my 2 Western Digital Ext Bkup Drives and ONCE PRIOR I - Forgot to Reactivate - MBAM BEFORE I Turned the Computer Off. One or Two Re-Starts Fixed the Problem That Time. Today, not so much. Will Open a Thread but They Need to know who has this [ Real-Time Protection / Web Protection : STARTING ] Issue.
  13. USB Safely Remove with updated software above can Safely Remove the MyPassport Ultra (1/5/15) Ext Bkup Drive I have BUT didn't with an older (4/30/13) MyPassport Drive. I can't change my Signature without 50 Posts so I'm trying to be helpful for 14 more posts.
  14. I guess - dcollins - suggestion is what Telos meant, too, but my expertise level didn't grasp that since I had missed "absorbing" the last Sys Tray choice. Thanks to both of you.
  15. WHY can't I notice things better? "Quit MBAM" DID IT. I can live with Off / On and am really Relieved. I had given up. As Gomer would say, "Thank ya, Thank ya, Thank ya!!"