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  1. A new Scan was Malware FREE. Fast fix if so, but Thanks. I'll wait and run a new scan before posting in the future should this occur again.
  2. Per Scan Results .TXT File included AI group ending ...558 had 3 members with different Paths to the Same EXE file; I only include One as I'd have to zip the other two ref: duplicate copy-pasting popup and believed they couldn't be different EXE's with same Name. # ending ....755 had 2 members with different Paths to same EXE. Presumed to be False Positives............ AI DETECTIONS 7-12-20.zip
  3. Prem -- Got my first instances (3) of "AI detected" Malware via daily scan and they involve Realtek and BigFile app (BFHandler.exe) which appear to be known, OK items. Now & future AI results: Send to Sppt for False Pos confirmation or go thru the Sppt Tool, etc. here in Forum?? Thanks. File: 5 Malware.AI.431850558, C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\REALTEK\PCIE WIRELESS LAN\RTKMODULEVERSION.EXE, No Action By User, 1000000, 0, 1.0.26731, 1FA45A0726C4708019BD843E, dds, 00804007 Malware.AI.431850558, C:\SWSETUP\DRV\NETWORK\REALTEK\REALTEKRT_QQ6PB2\2023.66.1222.2017\SRC\VERSI
  4. Not disputing this at all but just know you "may" occasionally have to play with Settings via the Toolbar icon Top Rt Cog Wheel (ie) I found I got Gibberish page characters when Clk'ing on the TaxAct (Preview) App Dnload link BUT did Not IF I temp Pause/Disabled Mbam B Guard .... netted the Save File offering correctly. Search some and digest comments here.
  5. A few Thread below this one is a long discussion. See Post # 19, which should be ............................ https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/253174-kaspersky-total-security-2020-hangs-with-mbam/?do=findComment&comment=1343421
  6. Since "V3 Exclusions Tab" becomes in V4 ... Settings Cog Wheel at top/ Security/ Exploit Protection/ Manage Protected Applications / Add-Edit-Del "Protected Apps" ..... Will V3 Exclusion akaTrusted Settings like here be SAVED in the V4 Upgrade as "Protected" Settings - OR Re-enter Same in V4? Better to know now to keep the lists handy.
  7. I couldn't Open Mbam from Sys Tray and the Repair Tool fixed that just now. Another Thread did the same but symptom returned later and he's setup for log capture after next failure. Will monitor and post as relevant.
  8. Thanks for the Reply and Sppt Link. Since the OP seems in good hands ..... Per M Sppt, when I had an Anti-Exploit Lic BEFORE Mbam 3 Prem Absorbed AE functions I was on an OLD data System that did NOT migrate data to the NEW System. My Login shows two Keys, one Expired, that are 99.9% surely old AE data. An Attempt to - Add an Acct - and Enter my - Mbam 3 Prem Life Key - and ID -- (from C'bridge) netted - Acct Already Registered. So I have 2 Useless AE data sections and no ability to SEE the Mbam 3 Prem Lic Key / ID. What can I do to correct this?
  9. The following needs clarification --- [ "If you purchased a license key from a physical store, authorized seller, or retailer --- besides the Malwarebytes store, ---- set up your My Account profile so you can register your license key to your email address."] IF he purchased via Cleverbridge as I did does THAT make a difference in Activating? WHY do they say "other than the Malwarebytes store"? -- What Net Effect
  10. Regardless of any well intentioned answers ... my Upgrade on a new W10 computer's 1803 to 1809 5 weeks later Stalled repeatedly at 91% Install - which WAS a Common Google Symptom result - AND SUCCESS Occurred when I DISabled - not Un-inst'd as some did - ESET EIS, Mbam, and SuperAS. No way to know WHICH app was the cause, but IF you do nothing and have issues, remember this worked for me.
  11. SOLVED Involved "Click Once Trust Prompt" behavior \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\.NETFramework\Security\TrustManager\PromptingLevel Make "Internet" member "Enabled" vs Disabled - I typed the word as Dbl-Clk did nothing. Clk on setup.exe produced "Do you want to Install This App?" All is well!! Thanks again exile360!!
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