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  1. I have Windows Vista; I haven't decided whether to upgrade to Windows 7 yet. I installed MBAM on 4-17-10, and I also have Microsoft Security Essentials installed, and I run full scans of both of them once a week. I have no idea how to 'relaunch the program and enable the Protection Module'; can you please explain what that means? I also have no idea how or what 'setting up file and folder exclusions for the Microsoft Security Essentials anti-virus' means; can you please explain how to do so? My computer MIGHT be infected, but the 'quick scans' which I run of both MBAM & MSE have never found anything. On the advice of a friend of mine who oversees computer security in an office of 30+ employees, he also recommended that I install two more freebies ('Spybot Search & Destroy' and 'Spyware Blaster'), but I welcome your opinion on whether having those two plus MBAM & MSE is a good idea, or constitutes overkill? Thanks!
  2. ...and was closed' is a very bizarre message which I've just received. The message goes on to say 'A problem caused the application to stop working properly. Windows will notify you if a solution is available. What does this message mean, and how can I correct this issue? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for those tips--I really appreciate it!
  4. When you say that I should temporarily disable my anti-virus protection (I'm using Microsoft Security Essentials), should I disable MSE entirely, or just the anti-virus portion of it, before I proceed to download MalwareBytes's free program, and why is that necessary?
  5. On an intermittent basis, whenever I start my computer, it starts and stops repeatedly for several minutes, and in a couple of cases for over an hour, and may or may not FINALLY boot up and start. Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be wrong? It's a three year old HP laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium, and AT&T is my ISP. I've had this issue for a little over a week, and have just discovered this message board. Thanks! Also, is there any harm in running the computer with both the battery and the power cord plugged into a surge protector, or should I just disconnect the battery?
  6. There weren't any spaces in either the Activation key or ID, just a couple of dashes, which I entered properly.
  7. For some reason I keep getting an error message stating 'You have entered an invalid product ID and key' when I try to register the product, I'm unable to copy and paste those items from the e-mail I received, and I get the same message when I try to enter both items manually. Can someone help me?
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