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  1. That's exactly the image I get, and yes, i have had the free version of MBAM on my computer for several months. You recently offered a free 7-day trial to the premium version I presume which has since expired, and I purchased the $24.95 product just over an hour ago. I guess what I'm not understanding is why after I click that 'save' button in the image you posted, nothing happens, nor does another MBAM icon appear on my desktop where the one for the free version of MBAM has been for several months, since I haven't a clue where I'm saving it to or how to access it if/when the need arises. Thanks!
  2. I have been directed to that portion of the site before, but when I click 'Save' in either case, nothing happens, since there's no option to save the product as an icon on my desktop alongside the orginal MBAM icon which has been on my computer for several months, which prevents me from either opening or activating the program. Thanks for the link to the assistance for infected computers--I'll try that as well.
  3. Hi there, Having purchased the $24.95 premium product some 40 minutes ago, I have been unable to download it; my computer never reaches either the point whre I am instructed to 'double-click' something or other to begin the installation, let alone not reaching the 'completing the 'Malwarebytes Setp Wizard' panel. This is extremely exasperating and infuriating to say the least, and I believe that my computer might be infected, so the sooner I can get the product to dowload onto my computer, the faster I can scan it. I installed Adobe Reader on May 7, 2014, so I hope that that version is sufficient. Also, when I was invited to sign onto the forum via Facebook, i was directed to something that I've never heard of called Zendesk.com Is that a subsidiary of yours or Facebook, or what the heck is it? Thanks!
  4. When I received the e-mail announcing this new program from Outlook/Hotmail, I also received a warning which stated 'this sender (no-reply@malwarebytes.org) failed our fraud detection checks. (And yes, they used the plural checks. Is this something to be alarmed about?
  5. I just purchased a new laptop yesterday, and I have a few questions.. 1)----What is the difference between the free version of MBAM and the paid version, Malwarebytes Pro? 2)----Can either version be used by itself without any of the competing products available in the marketplace as either a backup or an extra layer of protection? 3)----My new laptop has Norton Anti-Virus preinstalled, one of the many chunks of 'crapware' I have to remove. If I do remove Norton, won't that enable my new laptop to become infected until I can install either version of MBAM (based on the replies to question #1) as well as any supplemental products (based on the replies to question #2)? 4)----What is the procedure for purchasing the 'Pro' version without a major credit card? Is the option of either mailing a check or having the cost directly withdrawn from my checking account an option? 5)---Finally, what is the cost to renew the Pro version every year, or is that even necessary? Thanks!
  6. According to an article in a recent issue of MaximumPC magazine, utilizing a trio encompassing MSE, the free version of MBAM & Super AntiSpyware is an excellent method for protecting your computer; the article stated that those three products are great for 'watching each other's back' (not sure which did which). Has anyone utilized these three products, are you satisifed with using them as a trio, and would you recommend using them in such a manner? Thanks!
  7. Hi there, I'm goimng to be removing the McAfee security program which came pre-installed on my mom's desktop computer, and will expire this weekend. I plan to replace it with the free version of MBAM, as well as MSE, and I have a couple of questions. 1)---Should I use McAfee's own removal tool to remove it, go through the computer's 'Control Panel', or use a third-party tool such as the highly regarded 'Revo Uninstaller' to remove McAfee from her computer? 2)---Would you add any other programs (free or paid) to the MBAM/MSE combo which would enhance her computer's security without being a 'resource hog' which would bog down the computer's speed, as Norton was known for until two years ago? Question #2 would also apply to my computer, but with a twist; I have the free MBAM and the paid version of Prevx on my computer (but not MSE) because the free version of both MBAM & Prevx couldn't remove an infection from my computer 7 months ago, so I sprang for the $35.00 for a 1-year subscription to the paid version of Prevx, and it removed the infection. I don't plan to renew Prevx when the subscription expires this summer, and do plan to install MSE at that time. Can I install MSE right now on my computer to utilize with the paid Prevx and the free version of MBAM, or would compatibility issues arise if I used all three of them? Thanks!
  8. Can anyone recommend a firewall to use in conjunction with MSE & MBAM (free or paid version)? Thanks!
  9. Since I'm finally going to buy my new computer this week, I have two more questions. Can someone recommend a firewall which works well with both MBAM (Free version or Pro Version) as well as MSE? I've also been advised to buy a router, which can serve as a 'second firewall'. Staples has the Linksys E-1000 router marked down from $69.99 to $49.99, and I was wondering if that would be sufficient for a mundane non-gaming websurfer such as myself to spend on a router? Thanks again!
  10. I've also read elsewhere on this board that Microsoft Security Essentials isnot compatible to be used in tandem with either the free version of MBAM or the paid version. Does anyone know which version of MBAM can be utilized with MSE, and why the other version cannot? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for those replies, but I have no idea what JRE is; could someone enlighten me, please? Thanks!
  12. having just purchased a new HP desktop from OfficeMax, I'm looking for suggestions on which programs besides MSE & the free (or paid) version of MBAM to install on it. Between Super AntiSpyware, Spybot Search & Destroy, Prevx, and tons of other computer protection devices and programs out there, there's a downright bewildering number of choices out there, and I'm looking for tips on which program to use, in which combination to use them if more than two are recommended, and whether or not I should install them in any particular order. P.S.--There are no pre-installed security programs on this computer. P.S. #2--Having read various articles which have stated that HP (and most other computer makers) stuff their computers with so-called 'crapware' programs that I'll never need or use, would a program such as Revo Uninstaller be the best program to remove those programs without harming the registry, or should I try another method? Thanks in advance for all of your help.
  13. When I turned on my computer this morning, I received a notice that my MSE had been turned off, which I had only installed yesterday; my computer (HP a1000y with XP & SP3) also has SuperAantiSpyware (also installed yesterday) and the free version of MBAM on it.' When I tried to turn MSE back on, I received the error code '0x800106ba'. I found another thread on this board urging me to run the 'One Care Live' Safety Scan (Full Scan), and I did so, and the scan found nothing and declared my computer to be safe and clean. I received that clean bill of health when I returned to my computer five hours after launching the scan. NOW I've received the error code '0x8050800c', and I still can't turn MSE back on. I'm tempted to remove MSE and install another Anti-Virus product (Avira has been suggested on this board) and try my luck with that product, but thought I'd wait until these error code issues are resolved. Now, within ten minutes since I've started this post/topic, MSE is advising me that my computer is protected, and it's also running quite a bit faster than usual; I'd reported earlier that I've been receiving 'your computer is low on virtual memory' notices recently. What the heck should I do now; I'm really perplexed right now! Thanks!
  14. I was told by a Microsoft CSR that the free version of MBAM works very well in conjunction with MSE when I had a security-related issue with my HP laptop which was eventually solved; he put MSE on his computer when it was released, and has had no issues using it as a tandem with the free version of MBAM. I've never heard of 'Nod32'---what is that?
  15. Thanks to all of you for your very gracious and thoroughly detailed and downright thoroughly educational reponses. Since spending $25.00 for a RAM upgrade (as well as $120.00 for Windows 7 in the very near future) is much more tolerable than $500.00 for a new HP Desktop, all I can say is thanks again. I'd never even heard of 'virtual memory' until those notices started popping up on my computer. So just to summarize; the free MBAM program alongside MSE is fine (those two do 'play nice'), as opposed to MSE and the paid version of MBAM, correct? I've been warned on both this board and the answers.microsoft.com board that scanning your registry is a no-no, but CCCleaner won't harm my computer--can someone explain the difference between CCCleaner and the rest of the tons of registry cleaners out there which makes them dangerous to use? Finally, ould a third security-oriented program such as SpybotS&D, SpywareBlaster, SuperAntiSpyware or PCTools used in conjunction with MSE & MBAM (freebie) be a recommended strategy to utilize? Thanks again to all of you!
  16. Thanks for that tip on Avira; since I've been getting messages stating that 'your computer is running low on virtual memory, and Microsoft will add virtual memory....), I hope that it's as 'light' as you stated.
  17. My computer is an HP Pavillion a1000y, with Windows XP (Microsoft Professional Edition 2002 with the SP3 Pack) & IE 8. Intel Celeron CPU 2.80 GHz. with 248 MB of RAM. I hope that helps, and thanks for the prompt reply.
  18. Norton's 2010 Internet Security Suite was ranked first in recent comparison tests which Maximum PC, PC World & Consumer Reports have published in very recent issues (they all tested 8 or 9 free all-inclusive security suites), and all three of them reported that Norton's reputation as a 'bloated resource hog' has been eliminated thanks to their 2010 version. I thought I'd try their stand-alone A/V (90-day-free trial) to see if they have indeed cured the 'bloat' issue, and they definitely have. The last time I tried Comodo's free stand alone firewall (thanks to rave reviews from PC World) I couldn't get online, apparently because their firewall blocks traffic in both directions, while Microsoft's firewall does not, which was a major liability in the opinion of the folks at PC World. Thanks to all of you for all of your replies and assistance; I'll keep you posted on which product and/or products I decide to go with. I'm very well aware that Avast & AVG have excellent free A/V products, although's Avast's security suite ranked near the bottom in all three of those comparison tests.
  19. So if I drop the Norton 2010 A/V (not the entire security suite) and install Microsoft Security Essentials instead, will that and the free version of MBAM be sufficient? Also, I've noticed that some posters utilize programs such as Super AntiSpyware, Spybot S&D and/or PCTools on top of MSE & MBAM--is that a good idea, or overkill?
  20. Does that apply to both the free and paid versions of MBAM? I also have Norton 2010 (anti-virus only, and not their full-blown security suite) and the freebie version of MBAM on my desktop, and just wanted to be sure. Also, should I consider adding anything else, such as PSI Secunia, Spybot, Spyware Blaster, or something else, since several posters have several security-related programs on their computers? Thanks!
  21. Does that apply to both the free and paid versions of MBAM? I also have Norton 2010 (anti-virus only, and not their full-blown security suite) and the freebie version of MBAM on my desktop, and just wanted to be sure. Thanks!
  22. I have a three-year old HP Desktop with Windows XP Professional 2002 Edition w/SP3, and I installed Norton's free antivirus program, which I plan to use in combination with MBAM's free product. Is there anything else I need to install besides the free MBAM product, or would I be better off with the paid product from MBAM? Thanks!
  23. I was wondering if malware can play havoc with the sleep and/or hibernation modes on a computer? My 2007 HP laptop with Vista & IE 8 computer spent somewhere between 14-25 hours in hibernation mode, which ended sometime this morning. Now it's been in sleep mode for 2 1/2 hours, and tapping the mouse to wake it up doesn't do anything. Some folks on the Microsoft Answers board suggested either hardware or battery issues as the problem, but I'm still trying to narrow down the causes for that lengthy hibernation mode, and the current ongoing sleep mode. I've always run my laptop with both the battery and AC power working simultaneously; is that a good idea? Any suggestions regarding the next step (or steps) I should take would be appreciated.
  24. Buttons---Whenever I type 'services' into the search box you cited after clicking on the Microsoft logo, I get directed to the HP website (Easy Internet Services) which is a shopping for checking which ISP services are available in my area!!! Am I doing something wrong, or does this bizarre routing by my computer enhance the chances that my computer is infected with a malware virus which neither MSE nor MBAM can find? Installing MSE automatically disables Windows Defender as you probably know, and I was wondering if I should consider opting for a paid protection service from somebody?
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