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  1. Fixed in the next update . Is there any reason this app does not use the version of aclui.dll already in XP ? For the version attached I also cannot find any data online about the file name + version number , very strange for a MS dll .

    I posted at the same moment, so I didn't see your last answer. Thanks a lot ! :)

    The program uses (or used if it's an older version) it's own dlls perhaps, or carried one.

    Now, it looks like it does use xp's dlls, I tried the program on a XP VM and it didn't install to program files or some other folder.

  2. Hello,

    I'm also french. :)

    Some people complained about bandwidth problems with the resident module. The free version cannot do that since it doesn't provide IP blocking.

    The issue appeared to be more ISP-related than MBAM-related.

    (ISP = "FAI")

    PM me if you need translations.

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