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  1. Hello, here is a FP sample on MyDefragGui, interface for MyDefrag. VT2/40 (including SAS FP) Here is a developer log.
  2. Hello, here is a false positive on a program (called pense-b setup.zip
  3. Nanotek confirmed, everything is ok now. Thanks Nosirrah.
  4. I posted at the same moment, so I didn't see your last answer. Thanks a lot ! The program uses (or used if it's an older version) it's own dlls perhaps, or carried one. Now, it looks like it does use xp's dlls, I tried the program on a XP VM and it didn't install to program files or some other folder.
  5. That's strange, I tried on my computer, unzipping the file to a desktop folder, and scanning with db 3986 from context menu, and it was positive too. I asked the user (Nanotek) for details.
  6. Hello, a MBAM user submitted this to me.
  7. I asked because your OS is not up to date, you should have XP SP3.
  8. Hello, the report and interface count objects, and an object are not only files, they can registry keys, for example, which is much faster to check. Is your system new, I mean did you install Windows recently ?
  9. Hello, I'm french. Do you understand Marktreg's post ? Est-ce que tu commprends le post de Marktreg ? Un petit peu, pas du tout, rien ?
  10. Hello, I'm also french. Some people complained about bandwidth problems with the resident module. The free version cannot do that since it doesn't provide IP blocking. The issue appeared to be more ISP-related than MBAM-related. (ISP = "FAI") PM me if you need translations.
  11. I come late here (oops). Thank you all, this is very nice. :lol:
  12. Hello, MBAM can target it's own setup as Dont.Steal.Our.Software, if stored in special folders, if placed in a folder named like this : C:\Users\Falkra\Desktop\Christine\programmes et patchs\s
  13. Hello, I use Avira antivir and MBAM together with no problem at all. Can you post your system configuration ? (cpu type and speed, ram amount, and internet connection speed)
  14. I just got database 3802, it looks fixed. Please try again.
  15. By default, the resident module will scan files that want to be executed, and heuristics would do the rest, didn't they ?
  16. Yes, this could be some rogue infection where .exe association in registry is altered.
  17. Well yes, but not only, there are other vendors that are using the same naming pattern and keyword for this one : https://www.virustotal.com/analisis/1d4f353...dbeb-1263318306 Looks like MBAM knows this one : http://www.malwarebytes.org/malwarenet.php?name=Worm.Vobfus
  18. Hello Tommarnk, current point number one of the planned features mentions a "flash scan", this looks like scanning the most important files, and what you look for.
  19. Perfect. What is your Windows version ? If you have Vista, or Seven, the admin priviledges are necessary, or an account that is not limited, to perform updates.
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