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  1. Nope. This is not the first time Malwarebytes screwed up with database definition. I couple years ago some feature or something was added without notification and several people had issues. Our renewal is coming up in June it is questionable if we'll renew wih our past experience with the product and usability/manageability in a enterprise.
  2. A colleague didn't quarantine files but after a reboot cannot get in the system at all, not even safe mode. My system got screwed because it damaged system files which doesn't allow me to install or run anything. There are no restore points. My computer disk drive is encrypted so it would be quite some time to decrypt it and then trying to fix some DLL with the slim chance to ever fix the whole system. I can only do a fresh install as fastest/easiest option in my case. A FP positive on SYSTEM files is no excuse. And that other have that happened also on SYSTEM files is also no excuse. IF there
  3. Fluke? If AV/Malware program screws with system files then this is poor/non-existend quality control.
  4. I guess that is the benefit of having a business/corporate/enterprise edition with scheduled updates = many computer will be affected. Thanks for making life harder for IT. We'll go back to the free edition without protection module. Well done Malwarebytes. You are now in line with some other AV/Malware vendors that also caused to destroy systems. As mentioned above I cannot do anything because the kernelbase.dll is broken.... and who knows what else. I also ran out of disk space during the time Malwarebytes tried to quarantied. I had several GB of disk space left before it happened.
  5. I cannot do anything. It says kernelbase.dll is missing. I tried to run the installer and tried Chameleon.
  6. Hello, I know this forum is not really for business versions but since the business support and development team doesn't seem to care or understand, I'm posting here the hassle I have with deploying the EE version to share the trouble I have and maybe get tips to do it better. I have been waiting for the Enterprise Edition for year and it has been out now for a year I believe. But looking at the product it is very limited and really friendly to distribute in enterprise business. It has improvements and additional features compared to the Corporate version (central console to check/update MBAM
  7. I'm waiting for a response too. I've sent a webform request a few months back and two weeks ago an email. We are interested in purchasing around 170 licenses.
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