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  1. Since the "Malwarebytes Database Update 1.0.3624" - all Malwarebytes users are able to receive the Microsoft Patch to mitigate Meltdown. Source: Malwarebytes Blog (update as of 1/04/18)
  2. Thanks for reporting - we have fixed this fp, so it won't be detected anymore. Thx!
  3. Hi LarryS, The ransomware "Mischa" is detected by MBARW (by behavioral patterns). Dropper (containing both payloads) is detected by MBAM (depending on it's packing) known samples are added to the detection, but with time attackers can make changes in order to counteract. For more info, please see this post: I have MBAM and MBAE. Why do I need Anti-Ransomware? by!
  4. Hi Gwaren, Can you provide us the exact file that was detected (zip and attach) as well please so we can ensure complete fix for this false positive? If needed, here is how to do: Thanks!
  5. Hi Denise17742, The FP with 'Hijack.Host' It was fixed in the update: v2016.01.22.07 and in the next push v2016.01.22.08 in the next hours Thanks for reporting!
  6. This should be fixed shortly when the following update goes live. v2016.01.22.08 Tnks!
  7. Please update to database v2016.01.22.08 - this has the revised rules to fix this. Thanks for reporting!
  8. Ok, the other users reporting similar cases: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/177645-hijackhost-false-positive/ Are using SpyBot S&D, you also use it?
  9. Thank you for the report. We'll have a look & fix if necessary. Questions: You may be using the antivirus Qihoo 360 Total Security ?? Tnks!
  10. Great!... after optimization my db size is 7.85 MB.
  11. jeje... Just playing with some adware samples to test the new MBAM-for-Mac Works great! Salu2
  12. Great news! AdwareMedic + Malwarebytes = Great product to fight all Adware/PUP out there for Mac. Congrats to MBAM and Thomas Reed. Salu2
  13. Great news to MBAM !! and congrats to Filipos aka @thisisu Salu2
  14. Simply = because Malwarebytes is great! Salu2
  15. Great news! was a very feature requested by users Salu2
  16. Welcome aboard Pedro and David !!! ExploitShield was a great product, and now with MBAM merger, the new "Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit" it looks much better. Salu2
  17. Auto-updated over previous beta version, great .
  18. Everthing fine with the new version, updater working correctly. Well done the Malwarebytes team Salu2
  19. Great work ! InfoSpyware Official Mirror is updated 1.51 InfoSpyware.com (Spanish) http://www.infospyware.com/antispyware/malwarebytes-antimalware/ InfoSpyware.net (English) http://www.infospyware.net/antispyware/malwarebytes-antimalware/ Salu2 Marcelo.
  20. Successfully installed over previous version, no problems. Win7 64bit in Spanish language. Salu2
  21. Great work ! InfoSpyware mirror is updated Salu2 Marcelo.
  22. Hi everyone, Great update, good job guys as usual! From InfoSpyware are already updated to offer from their own mirrors the new version of Malwarebytes 1.50 English site: InfoSpyware.NET http://www.infospyware.net/antispyware/mal...es-antimalware/ Site in Spanish: InfoSpyware.COM http://www.infospyware.com/antispyware/mal...es-antimalware/ Salu2
  23. Nice box sweet Congrat for this step @Marcin Salu2
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