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  1. We recently purchased 10 licenses of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware running under Windows 7 (32-bit) and ran into problems almost immediately. The biggest problem we found was EXTREMELY SLOW NETWORK Performance over our Gigabit-based CAT-6 managed network. Prior to installing Malwarebytes, we were getting local bandwidth performance of ~ 250 - 390 Mbps. After installing the software, performance plummeted to ~ 14 - 27 Mbps (over 25 times slower). We finally just completely removed the software from all computers and now consider the purchase as a "total loss" for now; unless any solutions are available? It was just so slow that no one could get any work done. As the local IT guy, I was forced to remove the program until I can figure out what is wrong with the software. Screen shots from Passmarks Advanced Networking Test Results (before and after) are attached. Thanks for any suggestions on what could be causing the slowdown.
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