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  1. I'm playing a game, and when Malwarebytes goes to run a sheduled scan, it minimizes the window I'm using for the game. I'm playing a fullscreen game, and all of a sudden it gets minimized. I takes about 5-6 seconds to get the window up again. During this time, I just lost the game. I have the option set for scheduled scans to "perform scheduled task silently from system account". it still doesn't work. So I have to turn off Malwarebytes every time I play a game, otherwise I risk having my game's window randomly minimized which kills me and ruins my game. Is there a way for MBAM to run scheduled scans without minimizing active windows? Thanks
  2. I scrapped Kaspersky Anti-Virus trial and got Kaspersky Internet security. I'm running it with MalwareBytes realtime with no conflicts (i had to exclude several items of course, but it's stable now). I schedule scan's to run pretty much hourly while I'm at work and sleeping. Why not? It's not like I'm scrapped for resources while I'm not at the computer. Realtime updates (5 mins) and Flash Scan after update. My computer is 3 years old, and I'm running both these programs with unnoticeable performance hits. Satisfied customer as of right now.
  3. Good stuff. Regarding firewalls. Since I'm currently running MBAM Realtime with Kaspersky AV free trial (which I'm impressed with so far), I'm not using any 3rd party firewall. I'm running Windows Firewall. Is this bad? Is Windows Firewall leaving me wide open to things that third party paid services offer? Any commentary regarding firewalls?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I just got the trial for KAV up and running, exclusions set up, and so far there's no noticeable performance issues. I'll play with it for a month and see how it goes. KAV lacks a firewall apparently which KIS includes. I need to do some research. Flash scan every hour is probably overkill, lol. Came home from work with 8 notepad documents on my screen.
  5. I do full scan every day at 9:00am. Update is realtime every 5 mins. Quickscan every day at 12:00 noon Flashscan every hour at 5 minutes before the hour. (x:55) What do you guys do for scheduler timing? I know it depends on your personal schedule, I tend to schedule the long scans while I'm at work. But in general, how frequently do you run each type of scan/update, and why? Whats the best strategy without affecting productivity? Also, does anybody have any recommendations for a good anti-virus? I have McAfee Internet Security 2009, but I can't get it to work correctly with MBAM. My computer just slows to a crawl and eventually freezes, theres definitely some conflict. I tried excluding the mbam files from McAfee etc, but not getting much progress. I had to uninstall McAfee to use my computer. I could be doing something wrong. I dislike the McAfee interface, and I'm sure im missing some important factor. But regardless, I'm looking at possibly a different anti-virus. I hear "Kaspersky" thrown around a lot as a good anti-virus solution. Does anybody recommend it? The price is kind of high, but you can never be too careful, right?
  6. ok, if it helps, the version of fraps that caused problems was 2.9.4, and the new version which runs fine is 3.2.2
  7. about fraps, i was using some old version i found "for free "in like january 2008. i uninstalled it and "picked up" a newer version, i think the newest available. the newer version runs flawlessly with mbam. heres the new autorun log, thanks. AutoRuns.rar
  8. I think I solved the problem. When I disabled "Fraps" video capturing software, the slowdown's disappeared. No more mbamsevices.exe spikes. Thanks
  9. Hey i think i found the problem. The program "Fraps" that I use for video capturing while playing games etc... As soon as i disable Fraps, the problem disappears. I guess the next thing I need to do is figure out how to get Fraps and MBAM to coexist peacefully. Is there any way to exclude Fraps from malwarebytes?
  10. If it helps, i uninstalled again and ran the cleaner, and it gave me an error: "SHGetValue failed with error code 126"
  11. Oh ok, thanks. It was 4 in the morning and I was blind drunk when i bought the license. Didn't mean to overreact. Thanks.
  12. I'm having the slowdown problem with mbamservice.exe process. I'm running NO other anti-virus/malware software. If I start my computer with malwarebytes disabled, my computer runs fine. Then if I start malwarebytes and start realtime protection, my computer slows to a crawl. If I open winamp, codeblocks, visual studio, photoshop, volume control, and some others i forget, mbamservice.exe spikes to 91% or so. Basically, if the rest of my processes are using say 5% CPU combined, mbamservice.exe will jump to 95%. It can take 45 seconds to open windows volume control, or any of the other programs listed. I never had these problems with any previous versions of mbam. This started happening the day 1.45 installed itself. Someone posted a link to mbam 1.44 and said not to update or it will install 1.45. Is it possible to run 1.44 with the newest definitions? At this point I'm just so frustrated and haven't received any real help on this issue. I tried the uninstall and clean and reinstall. No help. I'll run 1.44 if I have to, as long as i can keep up to date definitions, and as long as this problem is fixed in 1.46. Otherwise I'll be looking to get a refund because I'm not paying for 9 more months of an unusable program. Hopefully that won't have to happen. Thanks.
  13. I was using McAfee Anti-Virus. However, I uninstalled McAfee, and I'm still having the problem with mbamservice. I set Malwarebytes to not run at startup. So I have no anti-virus software running. My computer runs fine. Then if I turn on Malwarebytes realtime protection, mbamservice.exe process SKYROCKETS if i try to run adobe photoshop, illustrator, indesidn, winamp, visualstudio, codeblocks. mbamservice shoots up to 91% cpu in the task manager, and my computer slows to a crawl. I've never had this problem until the 1.45 update. I followed the instructions in another help post where i uninstalled Malwarebytes, ran the cleaner, reinstalled, and reboot the computer like 5 times during the process. It's been like this for a couple weeks and I've yet to see a solution. It's kind of frustrating to buy a program which works excellently, then have some update break it, and I've been running my comp without any sort of anti-malware/virus for like 2 weeks now. What's the solution?
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