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  1. The new version fixed it for me, thanks! ^^
  2. Right now malwarebytes runs a daily scan, which was already set up when I installed 2.0. I'm fine with a daily scan, but what I don't like is that there is no option to run this scan in the background. Everyday MBAM pops up and starts scanning, this is very annoying, especially when working in an application (e.g. game, wordprocessor). Please consider building in an option to do the periodic scans in the background without any form of notification at the start. - Ossie
  3. Nevermind... I think my MBAM was stuck yesterday, I now actually see the scanning progress lol
  4. When scanning with MBAM 1.x the scan progress (current file/folder) will be shown to get a general idea of how far the scan is. Now, in MBAM 2.0, only the amount of scanned files is shown. Right now I have no idea if the scan has progressed much since I don't know how many files are on my disk (or how malwarebytes calculates them) whereas "C:\Windows" ment that the scan was very close to completion of the C drive. My suggestion: Build in some kind of progress indicator (either the current file/folder or percentages) to give the user a general idea of the scan's progress. Thank you
  5. I closed both and even closed malwarebytes whole protection system, but it didn't help. But I've just rebooted my system and it's working fine again, thanks for the help anyway.
  6. I'm having a problem with the IP block feature, I wanted to visit some websites, which I know are safe enough to visit but MB blocked the websites, so I disabled the protection but I was still not ableto visit the websites. My browser is CometBird 3.5 (firefox) and I have teh same problem with IE8. I cleared the log data (there were no files about IP blocks) and also restarted MB serveral times. I would like to know how I can acces these websites again or put them on the ignore list. Thanks in advance
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