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  1. Greetings. I have been in IT for about 20 years. I seriously know what I am doing. Typically - I am the guy that friends and family call on to save their severely screwed up machines. Dont even get me started.... no virus protection... downloading 'free' games and other crap... and then (of course) they get absolutely killed by malware. Some of them are so bad I just know I am in for hours of work since (again...of course) they have not backed anything up. I usually go through the typical process... maybe boot from a thumbdrive if I can and fix a few things. Restore the registry tools.. take a peek. Kill some processcesses, disable restore mode, reset TCPIP settings, clean up autostart processes & services..., reboot, etc etc. Then comes the standard tools... CCCleaner, SpyBot S&D, CA online scanner, some of Symantec cleaner utilities.... Trend Houscall Cleaner, ComboFix is very good if needed.... Sometimes a rootkit can be tough, but I can get through it. today... I was having trouble with a fake AV infection. It was pretty pervasive and I could see that all of my usual routines left this machine... though functional... in a state of threatened re-infection because of leftover remnants. Highly annoying. So - I tripped on malwarebytes. File Assassin? Awesome. The Anti Malware scanner? Spectacular. I am stunned that this tool picked up another 30+ or so vectors that ALL my other commonly used tools totally whiffed on. This interface is nice, the database appears very comprehensive, and the registry oriented scan is top notch. I really dont know how I have missed out on this fine little utility. Normally I would use the free version, say thank you and move on. However - this is a quality product, obviously took some real effort to create - and it saved me a bunch of wasted time this morning - so I went directly to your products page and gladly gave up my $25 bucks for a job well done. Thank you.
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