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  1. I just solved it, i downloaded the new greek language file uploaded here and worked just fine...
  2. Please help me as soon as possible. I use your product for many years now, i updated as asked to 1.60 version today and i get this error for the fist time. I strongly believe it has to do with the greek language file i used to till today and is not included in your new version. I use windows xp sp3. Thanks
  3. Ok guys no problem at all with any antiviruses (like norton, symantec, etc.) or any other conflicts. This is simple as that. 1.45 version requires (earlier versions didn't) if you use a proxy server to access internet to enter it's specifications in mbam specific tab (settings -> update settings). That' all. Earlier versions didn't require to enter any specifications. Just put in your proxy's address and port and everything works fine. That goes to any update problems related to mbam 1.45. Greetings from Greece.
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