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  1. I saw this question here, lost the answer... When I start the computer and, browser, 
    Malwarebytes Premium starts to scan !!!  but, slows down my pc ( point & click & wait)  Was there a way for me to do a manual scan at the end of my session? Not at the Start...  thx.  

  2. 3 hours ago, mhunter392 said:

    Yea, as Gonzo said Friday, version 2.2.20 will be released this week, so I did not do much troubleshooting this weekend.

    I checked FB throughout the day to see if any changes:  Early AM, Contacts & Groups List were there, Sponsors List missing.
    Lunch time, Only Groups List was present.  Just now, Contacts & Groups List were there, Sponsors List missing.

    No changes, no reboots, no patching done today.
    I really am glad that the Sponsors List is missing.  1 less FB ad crap to see.

    Note:  On Saturday, I did make sure that Flash Player was uninstalled, even though browsers don't support it anymore.  I also uninstalled Java, as I haven't used it in over 6 months.  These had no impact on this issue, but I was just "cleaning up" my laptop.

    I saw gonzo's post.. Still No Contacts for me... (on 2 computers)  &  I also forgot about gonzo's post.

        thx. for the reminder. Still google chrome is Version 88.0.4324.150 is up to date.  later


  3. I'm going thru the same issue as @mhunter392  I sent it to AdvancedSetups mail box -- will add you to it @gonzo  due to the names of the screenshots. when the MWB is turned off.   Let me know if you need anything else...... regards.... 73's 


     This took me 4 days, to find out why my facebook contacts were gone....  . see the screenshots... With the: with Malwarebytes Browser Guard on - the Contacts are gone?  and, with the  Malwarebytes Browser Guard off they show up ??    the empty contacts is with the MBW ON..  (Will try to white list it from our end)  I can't get FB in the Allow List?  

    I'm in no hurry, Using google chrome (updated today) & Windos 7 Pro (Sp1)  You can post it on the forum if you want,     I'm in no hurry I can get around it.....   thx. for your time...  best regards,      aka Yardbird

    with Malwarebytes Browser Guard on.jpg

    with Malwarebytes Browser Guard off.jpg see if this winZip log made it to you? 


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