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Status Updates posted by yardbird

  1. I'll be over for supper as soon as I can get down there

  2. Gets the spammers!!!

  3. Owns Motorola in all of Arizona

  4. Jump in & Help !!!!

  5. Good helper -- always willing to help out in the PC world

  6. A Good man, always ready to jump in and help !!!!

  7. I made him an expert.....LOL

  8. good pc users & helper

  9. On the spot with PC HELP in All areas!

  10. A very smart young man! He will go far in computers!

  11. another good person to work with in the forums

  12. Very pleasant to work with on the forums!

  13. Very experienced in general computer technology

    and has some nice avatars!

  14. Someday we'll have coffee, all of us!

  15. Always have a backup modem

  16. A great fixer of many probs! Great at rootkits.

    Nice work you do. thx.

  17. Very Good User! Has pleanty of info ! And a large toolbox to help others out!

  18. Upstate NY -- I was born there also. Rockland county. Folks are near Buffalo

  19. A good person who is quick with advice! thx.

  20. YoKenny finds all the good info. thx.

  21. Gives good advice & helps lots of people..thx.

  22. Quick to reply & always will help!


  23. Quick & ready to help! Enjoyed many a conversation!

  24. Quick replies! and always there to help ! Thx.

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