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  1. Has anyone run into this scenario, where we upgraded MWB (licensed), and now our MFC cannot scan to a shared folder in Windows 7 after the update? I tried whitelisting the IP of the MFC but that made no diff. Thanks for any suggestions. No error from MWB. Scanner reports access failed.
  2. Let me clarify- Just realized my description was misleading- The icon is in the system tray, but after every restart it is greyed out and enable protection is unchecked. You have to manually check it again to enable protection. It will stay enabled until the next restart, at which time it starts up unchecked again. That is b.s. There are no policies blocking it from running. And, I already tried the complete uninstall with the tool, and reinstall, and that changed nothing, on two different machines. I am not in a position to accept that there is no fix for this.
  3. No luck. MWB is doing the same on another machine that has no AV installed yet at all, so I don't think we can blame Symantec here.
  4. Yes, and yes. SEP v11 is Symantec Endpoint Protection. This only happens after a restart. Once enabled, it stays that way until the next restart.
  5. Thanks. Sadly I've already tried this uninstall/reinstall method, and the problem persists. XP Pro, SP3, SEP v11. Any further thoughts? -Dev
  6. Purchased Malwarebytes, running latest version. Have icon in system tray, protection on. However, if I restart the computer the protection service does not start and the icon in system tray is grey instead of red. I have tried waiting it out- no luck unless I manually restart by right-clicking icon, rechecking protection option. Does not matter if on a domain or not. Happens either way, even without a firewall in place. This is a much bigger problem than the free version which did not auto-update. Now I have no protection at all unless I remember to restart the service manually each time I
  7. We have been trying to get pricing for about 100 users for a number of months now. Our last attempts were over two weeks ago. We truly need someone to respond with pricing, as management is now questioning our faith in this product. Will someone PLEASE contact me with pricing, or at least an update on when we can expect pricing??? -Devora Locke SunWize Technologies
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