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  1. Well, I know that some could make a virus for the touch but, I just wanted to know should i be concerned
  2. I haven't been on this site for a while, but I knew I could get my questions answered here. I recently brought an iPod touch,and while using safari I came across something weird. I went on this webpage, (forgot name) and it said warning this site could harm your computer. I know viruses don't affect the iPod, but i'm just concerned that if I connect to iTunes on my computer it could get infected. By the way I remember hearing about this one program that scans a USB. But, that was a while back.
  3. I have MBAM pro btw 1.I heard its a VERY good idea to get antivirus because mbam is not I was wanting to get Avast! Free. 2.BUT I heard having two real time applacations can cause complications or something.? Please Answear thanks.
  4. I went to youtube and wanted to see a video and there it just said to upgrade butits strange how flash game works and it takes for ever to get to the page.
  5. I also had this!!!! was my only infection.
  6. I have MBAM 1.45 paid version but I hear its not anti virus... only anti malware can anyone suggest some free anti virus?
  7. How come windows says I have no antivirus when I have the Full Version of MBAM?
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