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  1. Can anyone confirm if the issue with Kaspersky has been resolved by the latest release?
  2. I just read on a different thread that there is a fix coming shortly with MB Kaspersky conflict, so I guess I will wait.
  3. On my other thread I mentioned I was just about to upgrade from MBAM 2.2 to MB3 and I also use Kaspersky. I am now going to wait until this release, as it seems close. Does anyone know what the version number will be and an approximate release date? After this fix, will we still need to disable Advanced Disinfection and rootkit?
  4. Thanks for the very clear answers! It seems like MB3 technology could one day replace standard AV, but if they work well together, and I already paid for KTS, the added layer won't hurt. Just to clarify... 1) My lifetime license will be lifetime for MB3? 2) Is there a discount for renewal on my other license?
  5. Hi all, I have used Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for years. When Malwarebytes 3 came out awhile back, there were some growing pains and I decided to stay on I got very busy and never upgraded. Version 2.2 seems to still be working and getting updates. I imagine upgrading would be best at this point. A few questions: 1) on my desktop I have a lifetime Premium license and on my laptop I have a 2 year subscription that expires in a few months. What is the best way for me to upgrade in terms of licenses? 2) Will I still need to run Anti-Exploit, or is that part of MB3? 3) What is the best way to do the upgrades? Do I need a clean install? 4) I use Kaspersky Total Security...will they work well together? Are people now able to just use MB3 without a virus program? Thanks in advance.
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