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  1. Can anyone confirm if the issue with Kaspersky has been resolved by the latest release?
  2. I just read on a different thread that there is a fix coming shortly with MB Kaspersky conflict, so I guess I will wait.
  3. On my other thread I mentioned I was just about to upgrade from MBAM 2.2 to MB3 and I also use Kaspersky. I am now going to wait until this release, as it seems close. Does anyone know what the version number will be and an approximate release date? After this fix, will we still need to disable Advanced Disinfection and rootkit?
  4. Thanks for the very clear answers! It seems like MB3 technology could one day replace standard AV, but if they work well together, and I already paid for KTS, the added layer won't hurt. Just to clarify... 1) My lifetime license will be lifetime for MB3? 2) Is there a discount for renewal on my other license?
  5. Hi all, I have used Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for years. When Malwarebytes 3 came out awhile back, there were some growing pains and I decided to stay on I got very busy and never upgraded. Version 2.2 seems to still be working and getting updates. I imagine upgrading would be best at this point. A few questions: 1) on my desktop I have a lifetime Premium license and on my laptop I have a 2 year subscription that expires in a few months. What is the best way for me to upgrade in terms of licenses? 2) Will I still need to run Anti-Exploit, or is that part of MB
  6. Hi, I have been using MBAM Premium on two PCs for years and also run MB Anti-Exploit and Kaspersky Total Security. I have not had any problems with malware and am generally happy with my situation. My Kaspersky license expired a few days ago and I renewed for a year. I see that MBAM has released version 3 which I believe integrates anti-exploit with MBAM. However in reading these forums, I am scared to upgrade until some patches are released. Right now i have anti-exploit turned off because it was preventing browsers from opening. Until I decide to
  7. Thanks Dale...BTW, I still am having issues on my system, but it is not MBAM conflicting with KTS...I am almost sure it is my Seagate backup software.
  8. Anybody have a recommendation for this question: I added all the files you mentioned in KTS as TRUSTED APPLICATIONS. Do I also need to add them under Manage Exclusions? Could it cause issues if they are listed as both? Also, do I need to add anything for MBAE Free?
  9. Just to clarify...if a PC is logged into both a non-admin account and an admin account at the same time, but the non-admin account is the currently active account (perhaps with screensaver activated), will a scheduled threat scan run? This could explain why sometimes my scans don't run.
  10. Daledoc, Thanks again for all your help...quick question...I added all the files you mentioned in KTS as TRUSTED APPLICATIONS. Do I also need to add them under Manage Exclusions? Could it cause issues if they are listed as both? Also, do I need to add anything for MBAE Free? Thanks
  11. Dale, I added a new scan entry and deselected "check for updates before scan". The scan ran at exactly 2AM and did not cause any issues. I am going to let it run for a week or two. If there are no freezes and it runs all the scans, then the exclusions fixed the problem. If it misses a few scans, I can live with it, as it may be overkill to run every day anyway as you mentioned. If the scans are not running, I will post the diagnostics. Thanks for the help!
  12. Dale, When I say crashing...when I come to my PC in the morning, I expect to shake the mouse and wake up the PC from the screensaver. When this conflict occurs, I shake the mouse and nothing happens...the screen stays black. It is technically not a BSOD, but I can't say for sure what happens as I am asleep at that time. My PC is not asleep or hibernating, otherwise the scans would never run...they are running most of the time, but not all the time. I never turn that machine off at night. The time settings are correct always. I will post the diagnostics later today.
  13. Dale...I am trying to run a Threat Scan. While my PC did not crash last night, it didn't run the scan either as I see no scan log in history. Checking back a few weeks though, it seems my scan has not been running consistently every day for awhile... for example, it ran on 4/21, then 4/25, then 4/26, 4/29, then I shut it off for a few days due to the crashing. It does show the manual scan I did yesterday as a test. Protection logs show up for every day. Dashboard right now says next scheduled scan is 5/7 at 2:08 AM, even though I scheduled it for 2:00 AM.
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