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  1. I assume that was not a standard threat scan. If it was, It must have been a slow e-1 AMD with 4 gig ram and a typical 5400 rpm drive ADWCleaner is not incorporated in to MB. And JRT has been discontinued. Sorry you feel that way and you have every right to use a different product. Best wishes in your future choices.
  2. If it does not keep working, I think your Trend Micro could be affecting it. But lets wait and see.
  3. No. See Below https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/4189-turn-off-fast-startup-windows-10-a.html
  4. Do you have fast startup enabled?
  5. Sounds like your set. Your install is activated and you have future access in the portal. Like you said, there is plenty of "blame" to go around. I am happy you got it fixed. I am sorry you had to go thru all of this. Best wishes.
  6. Malwarebytes is NOT a firewall (no conflicts). The built in Windows firewall is on by default and is good enough. If you want more control of the Windows firewall, Windows Firewall Control is owned by Malwarebytes and is free.
  7. What is the exact name of that specific file?
  8. If I did house calls still that takes me away from other computers I am working on and would not be cheap or free. I have that "problem" as well. I could probably give you a run for your money on that.
  9. I have a very close relationship with my 17 yrs of clients. It also helps that I do not charge for Malwarebytes support calls (Get very few most of the time). Usually a quick remote session takes care of 99% of issues.
  10. Currently after MB upgrades it automatically opens the GUI. The GUI right then will show free, trial or premium at the top.
  11. Because of the time taken so far, I assume you are doing a full custom scan. It is not needed. Threat scan is the recommended scan. Also the first scan will be longer due to file caching. future scans will be quicker. Also a manual scan is designed by default to use max CPU and in doing so you can not do anything else during the scan. Single single core and dual core systems with standard hard drives will also take more time. I am offering this advice as I am also repair shop and have used Malwarebytes for the last 10 years. You might want to add ADWcleaner to your clean up routine and clear all temp files before you scan.
  12. Click the EDIT icon and insert/change the name. See below
  13. There is a separate section and team for Browser extension FP's. That is why it was over looked. @rakka can take care of it.
  14. No one is trying to take your key away. If you purchased direct from Malwarebytes or an AUTHORIZED reseller the lifetime key will always be good. Where did you purchase your key? How many computers were you trying to use your lifetime key on?
  15. Good job you fixed it. If you have any other issues post the logs otherwise good job and best wishes.
  16. Please post the logs from the above steps.
  17. Post the logs from the above
  18. That was my next step after looking at the logs. But good job you fixed it. If you have any other issues post the logs otherwise good job and best wishes.
  19. If you get us the logs mentiond in the automated reply that would help
  20. Malwarebytes will continue to bug you about restarting if you dont restart either now or later.
  21. @oldtimerI have never seen that personally. Could you post zip file from the hidden section of the above post under "If you are having technical issues with our Windows product, please do the following:" .
  22. I can not comment on either program actually but i will say not opening ANY email attachments unless you are 200% sure of the source will prevent 99% of all ransomware infections. Each program has a different way to block ransomware. Malwarebytes stops the encryption during the process and might let a couple of files encrypt before it stops the process.
  23. It depends on when purchased and how many computers you purchased it for at the time. For example, If you have a "lifetime license" it is a one computer license. If you have a yearly subscription, It depends on when the subscription was purchased and if it was a 3pc subscription or a single computer subscription. Only your original receipt or support can verify that for you. @celee
  24. If you are using the above password anywhere, I suggest changing it if you have not done so already. I have 96 of those and similar emails in a folder stashed away to use as examples for my clients that they in themselves are harmless. For peace of mind, I would have your computer checked out by the experts in our malware removal section as David suggested. I know my computers are clean as I do this for a living.
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