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  1. That is the default setting and that "toggle" is only for manual scanning. If you want root kit scanning to be done on your scheduled scans, It has to be enabled in the advanced setting in the scheduler.
  2. I edited my post because were are not anywhere near that point yet. Anyway, That is the easy (for some and not for others) way out. Just give them the chance to fix you up.
  3. Kevin will do whatever is in his power to fix your issues.
  4. Only specially trained and vetted experts are allowed to assist in that section. You were getting excellent help.
  5. Sounds like that external was ready to fail. It happens. I never keep one copy that is important to me on a single device no mattter if its internal or external.
  6. It is possible that Bitdefender is interfering with Malwarebytes web protection. Possibly Bitdefenders fire wall.
  7. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1142
  8. People do not always read all of those threads just like the instructions given on this thread is all over the forum as well. And here, First result on a google search. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2142 https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2465
  9. You have a great answer. We/I took it farther to possibly assist you and others reading the topic just in case there were actual update issues. I control my sons updates as well.
  10. Issues are computer/installed software specific. I have 100's of clients that never have issues with new versions. All of them are Win 10 an only Defender as their AV no other 3rd party AV. NEVER have had to do that with any of those clients. Those issues only happen if device is not deactivated first or not using the support tool to do the reinstall. Only if you want to stop both the Cumulative updates and the full program updates. CU's do not prompt for install it just happens in the background like definitions.
  11. Cleverbridge just collects money. They do that for many vendors. Did you buy MB directly from the Malwarebytes website if not WHERE?
  12. @bru Why are you avoiding the update??
  13. You have to quit MB from the taskbar. If that does not work turn off self protection in settings.
  14. You ere not hacke in any way from "this" email or the "person" sending it. It a scare tactic. I have 100 of those emails saved in a folder and I have not been "hacked" The fact that you are posting here means the mail did its job and scared you.
  15. Also, I just had a thought, Have you ever had the misconception that it could be used on more than one computer and gave/installed on anyone else's computer at any time what so ever? Even to "help" a friend/family to clean up a computer? I have seen that with one of my clients.
  16. @Swinden Just stick with your ticket. They can "see" where the computers are being activated from. Also, Where did you buy the license from? Site? I am just curious. Just mention site name not a link please.
  17. Reboot/unplug the power from your modem and check again. Also if you connect wireless the speeds are in many cases slow compared to using a wired connection. Sorry for the intrusion, I just realized what section this posted in. @Maurice Naggar
  18. Also the compatibility mode is set for the exe.
  19. We need the support logs from the automated post below yours.
  20. By default, a clean install (wiping the OS partition) will give your computer a new device name.
  21. Just wait on support. If it was purchased directly from Malwarebytes you have nothing to worry about.
  22. Don't know where you bought this key but it seems to have oversold and several people have the key. Support will have to confirm. Where you purchased the key(authorized seller or not) will have a big impact on your support ticket.
  23. I agree with you. Send the things like this to the registered email.
  24. Did you get the initial first response? Spam Junk folder? @AdvancedSetup
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