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  1. No available for until reach a certain amount of posts. I think you are over 100 posts away at this time.
  2. Funny I spend free time checking web links in the FP section and it always works for me. Did any of your extensions need updates when you just checked per my instructions?
  3. I have both extensions as well and using the same OS and mine are working. Also please click the highlighted button below and choose check for updates.
  4. @MikeIWIt is not blocked for me. Are you seeing a detection?
  5. Because they are PUP's Potentially Unwanted Programs due to the potential damage they can cause and do cause many computer users..
  6. If you restore to the same computer there is not an issue but if you move to another computer you will probably have an issue. The license is not cancelled but not be able to activate because it thinks it is still on another computer. That is what the my malwarebytes account is for, to fix issues like that.
  7. Ron, I believe it is prompting the user to upgrade to 3.8.3.
  8. Since it is an old license you could contact Cleverbridge directly if you purchased the license directly from the Malwarebytes store. https://www.cleverbridge.com/corporate/contact-us/
  9. The auto reply had the following that also includes what you need. Only support can fix your issue use the support link below. For any of these issues: Renewals Refunds (including double billing) Cancellations Update Billing Info Multiple Transactions Consumer Purchases Transaction Receipt Please contact our support team at https://support.malwarebytes.com/community/consumer/pages/contact-us to get help
  10. Keeping the program updated is important. Program upgrades are not a marketing tool but to keep MB able to better protect your computer.
  11. Was this a new license or a renewal? If new where did you purchase it??
  12. Restart the computer as well please.
  13. Newer database a bit later fixed the issue. Even if it does, It gets fixed fast.
  14. Please run an update and if you still see the blocks then restart the program.
  15. Nothing to "catch". It was a web blocking database false positive.
  16. It was a Web Blocking false positive and fixed, Please update your database.
  17. You need to have a capital, numbers and a special character for your password.
  18. Because it has the potential to slow scans down noticeably. If you are using the paid version you already have protection enabled that will prevent rootkits from being installed in the first place . A for the scheduled scans if you want to enable rootkit scanning in those scans look for the advanced button where you set up the scan and you will see the below.
  19. That is the default setting and that "toggle" is only for manual scanning. If you want root kit scanning to be done on your scheduled scans, It has to be enabled in the advanced setting in the scheduler.
  20. I edited my post because were are not anywhere near that point yet. Anyway, That is the easy (for some and not for others) way out. Just give them the chance to fix you up.
  21. Kevin will do whatever is in his power to fix your issues.
  22. Only specially trained and vetted experts are allowed to assist in that section. You were getting excellent help.
  23. Sounds like that external was ready to fail. It happens. I never keep one copy that is important to me on a single device no mattter if its internal or external.
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