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  1. FYI, switching to MS Security Essentials with appropriate exclusions also made no difference.
  2. NONE of these issues were present in 1.44. Can we go back to that version but continue to update definitions? Anyone from MWB listening please???
  3. Seems I spoke too soon. System is still locking up and now another is locking up when Outlook (and MS Word by default) are in use. Both immediately stop having the issue when MBAM service is killed. Both are XP Pro SP3 with all service packs. One is Office 2003 (the Outlook issue one) and the other is Office 2000. Both are Symantec Corp with all exclusions added.
  4. I too am having this issue on 2 customer PCs. I've done the clean as above as well as excluded all appropriate files in Symantec Corp AV yet 2 PCs continue to lock up (or at a minimum extended LONG pause) with v1.45. 1.44 and before were fine.
  5. Final update, additional ram (and a full uninstall/clean/reinstall) fixed the issue. Apparently if you're running XP, AV and MBAM look for more than 512MB of ram The uninstall and reinstalls were a bit of a PITA but what are ya gonna do. I concur with the above, McAfee Enterprise is a solidly decent product. McAfee Home/Security Suite on the other hand, not so much.
  6. I can confirm the above does work (related to the update to v1.45 most likely) If your AV does not allow exceptions I'd look into a different AV personally, as I've had no luck getting MBAM to run (slowdowns/lockups to stop) otherwise.
  7. Another update to the original issue, all systems with the exception of 1 are fine. Full uninstall, clean and reinstall helped all but 2. Those 2 were ok after a 2nd reboot, go figure. Performance with AV apps that do not allow exceptions seems to be a serious issue with the latest version (1.44 was fine). Suspect the last PC with an issue is a limited resource problem and will be addressed Monday.
  8. Just a quick update, 1 client issue was resolved by switching AV software. The bundled AV suite with Verizon DSL did not allow bypassing specific services/files unless it found them as a virus (nice). Replaced with McAfee corporate and appropriate settings along with a clean install of MBAM resolved the issue. Another client with Symantec Corp AV is still reporting issues with IE not functioning with MBAM enabled. Kill the services and it's fine. This is on a PC with a full clean removal and reinstall and website blocking disabled. Symantec has been configured for appropriate exclusions. Performing futher testing on those machines now and will report findings in the morning. Stay tuned!
  9. I tried that on one machine, completely removed the blocks then re-added them without luck. I have not tried disabling the web blocking. I'm about to try completely removing the product, rebooting, running the clean util, rebooting again, reinstalling and re-registering, rebooting again then see how it goes.
  10. Yes, everything was configured as below and working up until today on all systems for all clients. I've also tried manually updating the definitions and rebooting, no luck. The system just slows down to a crawl if MBAM protection is enabled.
  11. I've fielded several called from my customers today claiming severe PC slowness to the point of non-functionality. I've narrowed the cause of this down to MBAM (when I kill the 2 services from task manager the speed of the systems immediately return to normal) All are running legally licensed and registered copies. Networks and machines vary as do anti-virus programs on those machines. Most are WinXP SP3 but beyond that the similarity is MalwareBytes. Is anyone aware of a recent update that could hose their systems like this? I'm fearing more calls any minute now. Thanks.
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