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  1. I will be PMing RubberDucky shortly with my request but I wanted to say that I too believe a simple automated email response verifying that the form was submitted would go a long way. I have actually had clients choose to go with another malware/spyware application as they were not willing to wait for a reply to my multiple requests. I actually stated in the last few requests that I would at least just like a verification of receipt of the form as I was curious if they were going into cyber space and just never reaching MWB! That bing said, MWB is by far the best anti-malware application on the market and I thank you for that. I am delighted that the actual CEO is active in the forum. I really hope that you continue with your values as a business and do not fall prey to the unethical strategies of some of the other corporate antivirus software companies. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
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