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  1. Hello all. I am new to this forum and just had MBAM identify the same issue. I have read all of the pages and know that it is not a major issue. I will make this brief. Initially, I was running Windows XP 64 and got hit by something viral or malicious. My screen went black with nothing would work. I believe that it is called KSOD. Anyway, I was using PC Security Shield (Shield Deluxe 2009 V2) as my AV program. I updated/scanned religiously. So, I called the tech support and had some guy remote into my PC for about 4 hours. He was unable to do anything and just left the iYogi chat/remote session. No bye, call you back or anything. So I got pissed off and bought Windows 7 and swapped the HD in my pc. I installed 7 on my new HD and left the other HD mounted on my system. Once 7 was installed on my new HD, I installed Trend Micro Internet Security Pro. Updated and ran that. New HD was fine. I had it scan the old HD with XP 64 still on it and got "Blue Screened". It appears to do this when it hits a file with an extension similar to .......filelock.dll. Any suggestions? TIA
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