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  1. Thanks Swandog46 for quick update I am downloading my copy...
  2. Congrats I have grabbed my copy and have updated installation. It is working smoothly as promised.
  3. I think Self-Defense is not necessary for MBAM as it will complement antivirus software and might have conflicts. Password protection and self-decisions (automatic mode) are more important for me. For example, my friend uses my computer. I do not want him change my setting or click
  4. It is 4,307,567,731 right now Amazing
  5. Just signing up for the Malwarebytes newsletter. Thanks
  6. +1 Good idea. At least update schedule should be included by default.
  7. Heuristics Shuriken is enabled and causing no FP or other problem(s). I have tried to disable it to see any speed improvements but perhaps it is very light weight heuristics, so I see no significant speed improvement while launching programs like Firefox, Word 2010, etc. I have not seen any detection based on heuristics module on my computer, but it is certainly good addition against today's nasty cyber threats.
  8. Current detections are 262180. From previous post 262023 262180-262023 = 157 For 157 detections in two updates (since my previous post), Malwarebytes downloaded more than 10 MB. I miss incremental updates and hope to see soon. Keep up good work Malwarebytes.
  9. Congrats to Malwarebytes and its devs for such a great anti-malware. 262023 detections (today) will be good supplement with any protection software. I am currently testing Malwarebytes (1.46) with KIS 2011 CF1.
  10. Good idea but will increase boot time and might conflict with some startup items/programs. I think it should be optional only, not to interfere with startup items on users computer.
  11. Box looks nice. Will seek nearby store for MBAM physical copy.
  12. For free protection I will choose Avast! Free Edition 5.0.545 + Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free 1.46 + a-squared Free edition Utilities like Norton Power Erase are targeting heuristics scan based on general rules with small white list to reduce false positives. Norton Power Erase can't replace MBAM.
  13. PC MAG. COM review Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.46 Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.46: The Verdict I can see why tech support agents from other vendors like to bring in Malwarebytes when they need a quick fix. It's a small download, it installs quickly, its scanner is fast, and it seems to slip past malware that prevents installation of security software. It doesn't do equally well against all malware categories, though, and the extra-cost real-time protection isn't as effective as the on-demand scanner. Even so, the free edition should definitely be in your toolbox.
  14. Great features expected from 1.45 version. Expecting incremental updates soon. MBAM is really great program.
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