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  1. Wow! That is a good price! I don't know that I would need that much, but I say go for it & give yourself a nice treat! Enjoy!πŸŽβšΎπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€βšΎ
  2. Hello! I want to apologize...apparently I did not read your previous message as clearly as I thought, so I'm sorry to have you repeat yourself. Your timing was good & everything has been ordered and will be here in a couple of days. Yay. In the meantime, everything is working well today! I am quite grateful for that and will keep getting myself and things prepped & in order for the change. Thank you much! Cheers! Pcemkr
  3. Thank you, that is helpful! My current external hard drive is 1T and it may have about 400 GB available. It didn't appear to complete in safe mode, but it also seemed to give me a message that it didn't have enough to save everything if it did work, I'll try again in normal mode. It's looking like your 2T suggestion may be beneficial though. Perhaps you could assist me with hard drive suggestions? As it is now, I'll probably have to go someplace local (like best buy) to ask for assistance locating one unless you can suggest one I can also order from amazon. Is this something you ar
  4. Thank you Kevin, I appreciate your confidence in me... it is helpful. 😊 I have a couple of questions: ~ I currently have a WD My Passport external hard drive with an old backup on it from 3 yrs ago. It may not be large enough for an updated backup, though I'm wondering if... - would it be beneficial for me to get a new & larger one? - the easiest way for me to navigate the system right now is in safe mode, are you aware if such a backup can take place in safe mode or is it better to do in normal mode? ~ Does using Aomei make my previous question(s) obsolete?
  5. Happy Thanksgiving! It's thanksgiving for me too. I would very much appreciate your assistance and guidance with this! Like I mentioned earlier, I have some tech experience, but it's been over 10 yrs and I honestly cannot remember imaging or replacing hard drive (tho I'm sure I did with close instruction)... I'm able to follow directions (and have screw drivers)πŸ˜† A day off from this would be welcome. Enjoy your day! I am grateful for you (both) Thank you! πŸ˜†
  6. It does seem it validated what you were saying. I have a feeling I may need to get assistance with a new hard drive and creating an image. I have an external hard drive I saved to a few years ago, i saved several importantfiles yesterday on a USB. With the state my system is in now, unsure if it can handle another round of backup there. Not looking forward to this as next step...perhaps it can be more painless than I imagine? Looks like I'll be eating this elephant one bite at a time. So it sounds like I may want to focus on backing up & saving as much as possible while lo
  7. Hi, Just checking in... I ran VAIO basic diagnostic and it said there was a hard drive issue. It suggested running a memory check - No memory issues detected. It then suggested running check disk, so I ran it again in elevated command prompt. It took several hours. There was a message saying it couldn't repair something and needed to restart. I sent it to restart, was able to ligin fine, however have had to wait for the main screen to come up fully. Am doing my best to work with patience and avoid too many hard reboots. Hoping to get further along to do a more thorough VA
  8. Hello! I am running (many) diagnostics and will send updates as soon as I have results. More soon. Thanks, Pcemkr
  9. I am also open to setting up exceptions with Webroot too...anything to keep things safe & running smoothly.
  10. Java 8 Update 171 uninstalled successfully! I started backing up a few things on a USB just this evening, so I'm getting things in place and hopefully safe. I may have to try updating external hard drive as well. I'll check out the Backup link you sent as well. As for Webroot, is it necessary to have both Webroot and Malwarebytes? I would be willing to consider other options if you have suggestions. I'll also look at running VAIO diagnostics to see what comes up. And Yes, I believe it did come from BestBuy.
  11. I was able to run FRST without having to disable security. πŸ˜€ Logs are attached. FRST_24-11-2020 20.35.33.txt Addition_24-11-2020 20.35.33.txt
  12. Seagate Short Drive Self Test came back as PASS How many others should I run?
  13. Are you suggesting I use the Seagate Sea Tools for Windows to test the hard drive?
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