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  1. I think Bruce answered that earlier in the thread, just in case you missed it. "This is not where any folder named that should be and yes , malware does do this ." "We detect it because it has a malware history . Protection will also prevent malware from running from it , this cripples a complete malware family ." I suppose it boils down to what that empty folder is named, whether it is targeted as potential malware or not.
  2. @ Marcin, thanks for the answer. The key was that this was the first time it removed anything from this particular system, so that is why I never saw the tea timer pop up before when running MBAM. @ Bruce, it was the version change from 1.25 to 1.26 that promted me to think it may have been a bug, sorry I posted it as FP, I was not sure where to post. I just read the bug fix for security providers, you have had alot on your hands lately, I do apologize if I got under anyones skin today. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Heck all I want you to do is answer my 2 questions as directly as possible, they are questions, not allegations. geez. 1. Any reason this new version said this empty directory is a trojan, when the previous version did not. 2. Do the registry changes have anything to do with MBAM. Seems like a simple task to me. I am not looking for you to do anything about these issues other than give me straight forward answers if you can, if you cannot just say so.
  4. How on earth is this getting out of hand? Never said I had any unusual customizations, how does an empty folder named "A" mimic malware? Sorry I ever posted here. Delete my posts and membership. Please!
  5. Not sure it is the same issue. 1. Why did it target an empty folder as a trojan? 2. Are the registry entries being changed even related to MBAM?
  6. So, why did MBAM target this directory? Whitelisting does not answer the original question, thanks for your expert help.
  7. I just upgraded my MBAM to v 1.26 and ran a quick scan, after the quick scan was done and I closed MBAM, my Spybot tea time popped up asking to allow 2 different registry changes, which I denied, are these registry changes due to the new version of MBAM? This never occurred with the older version. Denied (based on user decision) value "" (new data: ""%1" %*") changed in SCR Extension handler! Denied (based on user decision) value "" (new data: "regedit.exe "%1" %*") changed in REG Extension handler! I rebooted to let MBAM remove a empty folder it said was infected, see this post http://www.ma
  8. I just upgraded to V 1.26 and ran a quick scan, it reported an empty folder C:\A as a trojan. I use this folder as a temporary working foilder when expanding windows files from the installation CD. I do delete all files when I am done working with them, any input on this is appreciated. I let it delete it on reboot just in case. Here is the log. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.26 Database version: 1112 Windows 6.0.6001 Service Pack 1 9/4/2008 8:38:34 AM mbam-log-2008-09-04 (08-38-34).txt Scan type: Quick Scan Objects scanned: 40289 Time elapsed: 2 minute(s), 6 second(s) Memory Processes Infec
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